Centre for Culture and Science Communication


The Centre for Culture and Science Communication (ZKW) develops formats of culture and science communication, especially in the field of new media. It works interdisciplinarily.

  • It supports teaching and research and assists all institutions of the university with questions regarding the conception and development, and the media implementation of knowledge transfer.
  • It supports the event culture of the university and runs the Media Dome, die Observatory and the Computer Museum.

Other functions are...

  • development of activities that help to increase the attractiveness of the campus of the UAS Kiel
  • imparting cultural and scientific contents in the regional and national environment
  • implementation of research and development projects.

To complete its tasks, the centre works together with regional and national partners from the fields of culture and science.


The activities of the centre of culture and science communication (ZKW) are to be found on the websites of...

  • the Mediendom (with around 35,000 guests per year)
  • the Computer Museum (with around 5,000 guests per year)
  • the Observatory (with around 1,500 guests per year)

and many other projects, e.g.

The Meda Dome is one of the most modern planetariums in Germany.
Productions of the ZKW are staged worldwide and have won internationally renowned awards.


Portrait of Markus Schack© M. Pilch

Markus Schack

Head of the centre for culture and science communication

Portrait of Heidemarie Görigk© M. Pilch

Heidemarie Goerigk

Assistenz der Leitung, Presse- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit

Portrait of Marko Herrmann© M. Pilch

Marko Herrmann

Produktion und Technik ZKW

Portrait of Marietta Schade© M. Pilch

Marietta Schade


Portrait of Lucy Prange© P. Knittler

Lucy Prange


Portrait of Kristiina Thiel© P. Knittler

Kristiina Thiel

Medien- und Kommunikationsdesign

Portrait of Michael Lempart© P. Knittler

Michael Lempart


Portrait of Jan Pieper© P. Knittler

Jan Pieper


Portrait of Birte Kahmann© A. Diekötter

Birthe Kahmann

Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr

Portrait of Annette Göder© P. Knittler

Annette Göder

Interdisciplinary Weeks

Portrait of Jana Buschmann© A. Diekoetter

Jana Buschmann

Interdisciplinary Weeks