Institute for Interdisciplinary Gender Research and Diversity (IGD)


The Institute for Interdisciplinary Gender Research and Diversity (IGD) is a central institute of Kiel UAS. Its task is to initiate, coordinate and conduct projects, scientific studies, and evaluations on gender- and diversity-related questions in different fields of research, especially in STEM (science, technology, engineering & mathematics). With its specific knowledge and competence profile, the institute is characterised by

  • applicability,
  • practical relevance,
  • interdisciplinarity and
  • internationality.

It provides essential contributions to demographic change (Research Agenda 2020 of Kiel UAS). The institute conducts internal and external knowledge transfer in form of lectures, conferences, workshops, seminars, summer schools and publications.

More information:

Brochure "25 Jahre Frauen- und Genderforschung an der Fachhochschule Kiel"

"Forschung für eine bessere Gesellschaft", viel. Das Campusmagazin der FH Kiel, Issue 02/2019, p. 70-72.

"Zwischen Erfolgen und grossen Herausforderungen", viel. Das Campusmagazin der FH Kiel, issue 01/2017, p. 50-53.



New IGD-project in the BMBF funding programme "Research at UAS“

"Improving the health competence of functional illiterates with and without a migration background using digital media".
In a participatory (research) process together with functional illiterates with and without a migration background, a trustworthy multilingual, culturally sensitive app without reading texts will be developed in order to enable the target group to access and participate in health information equally. In the end the regional competence network DiGeKo-Net will be founded. Start: October 2020.


Brochure Gender-Sensitive Teaching

New:  Brochure on Gender-Sensitive Teaching
The brochure is part of the Baltic Gender project and focuses on STEM subjects and examples from Marine Sciences or related disciplines. It concentrates on two facets of gender-sensitive teaching, namely "Gender in curricula" and "Gender-sensitive teaching set-ups".



Emancipation und Fashion around 1900 – The history of a female entrepreneur

Production of the artistically designed book "Emancipation and fashion around 1900 – the history of a female entrepreneur" about the textile artist Emmy Schoch (1881-1968) in cooperation with the Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design.