What is good teaching? University didactics mirrored by subject areas

5th Conference on the Quality of Teaching at the UAS Kiel on 9th and 10th May 2019


The fifth Conference on the Quality of Teaching addressed lecturers of all subject areas, university didactics experts and interested parties who wish to have an intense critical look at the subject areas and their impact on education.

After a review and outlook on the research on subject areas by Ludwig Huber, focus moved to empirical findings giving hints on similarities and differences of subject areas. The heart of the conference presented parallel workshops in which the guiding theme was to be edited following the different approaches on didactical work with subject areas proposed by Kenneweg & Wunderlich (2017).

  • The first workshop dealt with the question of which formative influences subject area relations have on the particular understanding of teaching and learning in the individual subjects and thus what challenges are faced in the task of university didactics training, consultation and support of lecturers.
  • The aim of the second workshop referred to the approach of Decoding the Disciplines and attempted to decode discipline-specific thought and action patterns that
  • Complicate the learning processes of students, and to the question of how these findings can be used for the design of better teaching and learning processes.
  • The third workshop considered university didactics training as a translation process and dealt with communication problems within the cooperation of lecturers as experts in their subjects and university didactics experts as experts for teaching and learning.

To have sufficient room for a deeper analysis, the workshops lasted two half-days.

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