Network for University Didactics Schleswig-Holstein

The network for university didactics Schleswig-Holstein is a association of university didactics institutions at universities of applied sciences and regular universities in Schleswig-Holstein which pursue the same goal: to develop education at the respective universities.

Together we work to improve the teaching quality and we are oriented towards the guidelines of the German Association for Educational and Academic Staff Development in Higher Education (dghd).

Our concern is to increase the visibility of great teaching practice and help lecturers to develop their teaching.


Our network – who we are

The network for university didactics Schleswig-Holstein was founded on 18.10.2013. Since then, has served as a communication network for its members and has provided a platform for the operative exchange of actors in university didactics training at universities in Schleswig-Holstein. The network supports the close cooperation of all participating universities to offer the lecturers in Schleswig-Holstein exact and needs-oriented training in the field of teaching.

Within our network, we use the synergies in our state to exchange best-practice examples and the discourse of university didactical aspects. Our aim is to implement comparable standards
in the whole state that apply for all lecturers in the university network. First steps are standardised certificates for participation in university didactics training programmes and to mutually acknowledge the services rendered in these programmes. Additionally, when necessary, there will also be coordinative consultations in the operational planning of university didactics training programmes.

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