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Ana Beatriz Alvarez, José Raimundo de Oliveira:
Hand Gesture Recognition using a Lattice Autoassociative Memory.

Olaf Bergmann, Stefanie Gerdes, Jörg Ott, Petri Ylikoski, Nils Seifert, Caleb Carroll, Nigel Wallbridge:
CHIANTI: Enhancing Robustness of Communication in Disruptive Networks.

Rainer Bollmann, Wolfgang Stade, Gerd Stange, Thomas Zelenka:
Recent progress in magnetic-inductive flow metering devices (MID)

Ludo Cambré, Luc Friant:
Didactical principles in the use of embedded servers.

Johan Dams:
Optimizing Embedded Software - A Look at the NEON SIMD unit in the ARM Cortex Family of Processors

Johan Dams:
Towards a Reliable, Cost Effective and Easy to Operate Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Technology Education

Andre Doria, Daniel Wagner, Iryna Pavlyshak, Mariana Lopez:
A series of insights: location sharing.

Margus Ernits, Kristiina Hakk, Kalle Tammemäe:
Teaching robotics and embedded systems as a learning chain of different subjects.

Yull Heilordt Henao and Fabiano Fruett:
A Sport Activities Monitoring based on Acceleration and Rotation Microelectromechanical Sensors.

Nils T. Kannengießer, Thomas Ladehoff, Thorsten Knutz, Helmut Dispert:
Implementation of a platform independent client software for the GO Bluebox System.

Gisnara Rodrigues Hoelzle and Fernando Morgado Dias:
Hardware Implementation of an Artificial Neural Network with an Embedded Microprocessor in an FPGA.

Luimula, M., Pieskä, S., Pitkäaho, T., and Tervonen, J.:
Ambient intelligence in mobile field work.

Tiago Meirele, Nuno Ferreira, José Alberto Fonseca, João Nuno Matos:
Development of Vehicular Communications based on WAVE (802.11p).

Smail Menani:
Design of an Embedded System IEC61850 enabled.

Felipe Miranda, Rogério Esteves Salustiano and Carlos A. dos Reis Filho:
The Impact of Address-Assigning Heuristics on Network Routing Paths.

Ghodrat Moghadampour:
Web Services for Mobile Intelligent Devices.

Heikki Palomäki:
Multi-feeder systems using RFID

George Palamas, Iasonas Poulis,  George Papadourakis, Manolis Kavoussanos:
Evolution of an Artificial Neural Network of a Simulated Self-Balancing  Bipedal Robot.

Mirco Pieper:
Renesas Technology Communication Devices.

Pieskä, S., Luimula, M., Pitkäaho, T., and Tervonen, J.:
Smart wheel loader based on RFID and positioning technologies.

Carlos A. dos Reis Filho and Rogério Esteves Salustiano:
ParrotNet: a mechanism for data propagation in highly-dense, low-mobility wireless sensor networks.

Vidina Dácil Oliva Rodríguez, Thorsten Knutz, Helmut Dispert:
Development of an Electrode Response Processing System for the Detection of Nitride Ions in Aqueous Solution.

Rogério Esteves Salustiano and Carlos A. dos Reis Filho:
A Java Package for Synchronous Simulation Processing

Filipe E. S. Santos, Joaquim A. R. Azevedo:
Application of ZigBee and Bluetooth to Urban Ambient Monitoring and Guidance.

Luis Melchert Faber Schmutzler:
Motivation, the key to multiplication: Teaching Programmable Logic Controllers with Free Projects.