You are always welcome to ask for Bachelor-/Master-Thesis-Topics and/or Bachelor- or Master Student Project Topics. A first selection of currently available topics is provided below.

In case you need support to get in contact with companies in the Kiel area for thesis or student projects I will assist you as far as possible. Due to the fact I regularly have thesis and/or student projects running in companies I have got several company contacts.


Possible Areas for Bachelor- and Master-Thesis Topics and/or Student Projects are:

This topic is addressing problems in one of the most recent research areas, i.e. to perform DNA-sequence with a parallel computing hardware architecture. A first bachelor thesis within this area is the one of Thorben Moritz Wetzel.

This is a continuation of a Master Thesis that has recently been performed under my supervision. Goal is to set up a lab experiment, which allows to calculate the position within a room (the lab) in three dimensions. This lab experiment shall be used to demonstrate the principle of GPS-navigation systems.


Reference: Chapters 14 – 17 in „FPGA Prototyping by VHDL Examples“  by Pong P. Chu


Reference: Spartan 3e-Starter Kit User Guide


Zykloidic curves are often named "rolling curves". It is an interesting student project to design a configurable entity, that computes the pixels of a specific zykloidic curves and displays this curve on a monitor.