Prochnow, Prof. Dr. Steffen

Institute: Institut für Angewandte Informatik / Institute of Applied Computer Science


Professorship: Software Engineering and Creative Applications

Functions: Course Coordinator Master Program "Information Engineering"

Core Topics: Software Development and Tools, Creative Audio and Visual Coding, Experimental Sound Design, Applications and Network for Interaction, Embedded Systems Development, Real-time in Software and Networks

Consultation Hours: please get in touch with me via my email (see contact)


Bachelor Courses

Master Courses

Projects and Theses

Potential project and theses topics:

topics can be found on the bulletin board in front of my office

Your own topics:

I will be happy to supervise theses with your own topic suggestions.

My own area of interest covers all kinds of software topics, embedded systems development, real-time in software and networks, creative audio and visual coding, spatial audio, experimental sound design