Herzlich Willkommen Prof. Nemilentsev!

Willkommen an der Fachhochschule Kiel Prof. Dr. Mikhail Nemilentsev!

Seit dem 24.08.2021 können wir Prof. Dr. Mikhail Nemilentsev von der Fachhochschule Xamk aus Finnland an unserem Fachbereich Wirtschaft begrüßen, welcher für das aktuelle Wintersemester 2021/22 Gastprofessor am Fachbereich Wirtschaft ist. Wir durften ihn interviewen und einen Einblick in seine Erwartungen und Tätigkeitsbereiche hier in Kiel erhalten.

Hello Prof. Nemilentsev. Thank you for taking your time for this interview. First, maybe you can introduce yourself and tell us who you are and where you`re from.

My name is Mikhail Nemilentsev and I’m the head of the international degree programs and principal lecture and project manager at the South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences. Basically, I´m running like two really successful international programs. One is at the bachelor level “Digital International Business” that is only in Finland to provide the digital education and digital business education. And the other is also in English, which is called “International Business management”. I´m also running a couple of international projects. In general, South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences is the best finish applied sciences university for the second year in a row and we are also the largest research, develop and innovation university, so in a way we get really big finance outside, like from Europe, from Erasmus and many other funding programs. And I´m the leader of that kind of projects, so my focus every year is innovation, international entrepreneurship and international business education.

Is it your first time in Kiel?
First time for me in Kiel. I´ve already been in Hamburg a couple of times and Lübeck. And I´ve also been teaching in Germany a couple of times. We have a strong cooperation with the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences, with the Koblenz University of Applied Sciences and I´ve been teaching many times as the guest lecture business professor also in Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences.

How did you come to us at Kiel University of Applied Sciences?
That’s a really good question. So basically, we have long teaching collaboration with Kiel. I just should mention that Xamk, so that’s the name of our South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences, has been established quite recently on January 1,2017. And before that there were two successful international Universities of Applied Sciences: MAMK and KyAMK. With MAMKKiel has really much incoming, so members of the same network and professors and colleagues from Kiel just went to MAMK to have some certain semesters and also your students from Kiel University of Applied Sciences where quite often at our university and actually last year as well. But since we have now the new university, which is quite successful and we want to develop relationships with our major partners, and Kiel is one of our major partners. With Prof. Dr. Gulev for instance, we held a couple of courses together in Finland. So Prof. Gulev and Prof. Hardiman just published a news, that it’s possible to apply for the guest professorship here in Kiel, maybe a year ago and then we just applied. The preparation process was quite long and it was quite hard also from both sides, because we needed in Finland a kind of reconfiguration, who do what when I´m living here for one semester, because it´s a long time and then we finally managed, so I´m really thankful to Prof. Marco Hardiman and Prof. Rune Gulev.

What are your expectations of your time here in Kiel?
Good question. So first, to collect the good and best practices here of your university, of Fachhochschule Kiel in teaching, in education process in general, how it is organized here the university level and also your teamwork at the level of professors, at the level of staff members and at the level of students. And of course, in the business faculty, where I´m working here. Then also to present the Finish techniques and principles of teaching and education. Because I can assume, that there are bit different. And then also to initiate, we call it RDI- research development and innovation collaboration. I really want to establish something new. And also to promote further exchanges of students and teachers. At Xamk we have multiple programs, not only business of course. But I´m really concerned, how we can develop our international business exchange of ideas, for instance I really want that your students from Kiel come to Finland. And of course, I really want to develop some new modules of intensive courses for teachers, for instance can we somehow teach from Germany or from Finland online or can we bring some groups of students, that you nicely do here with Mexico university or with another university in Finland with Laurea UAS, that kind of potential exists. As a teacher, as a guest professor here I also want to learn something new. Because suddenly, I don’t have fully correct formats of doing things, because their always need the consideration of the student perspective, as well. And also to develop something surprisingly new. I don’t know exactly, but maybe in a couple of months we can say what exactly.

And what are you looking forward to the most?
To have fun and really professional cooperation with students, because again I´m teaching quite much here. To learn new things and good things of course with my colleagues from this university, from this business faculty but also from other faculties. To get new experiences at different levels, like at the level of companies, local companies, at the level of education, of course and just at the life level. To learn new things in different formats and to have the Cross-Culture learning.  

Thank you for your time and good luck for your time in Kiel!

Text: Anna Thomsen 
(veröffentlicht: 19.10.2021-ra)