You are interested in a project? Do get in touch with me! I am a curious kind with a passion for new things and have a diverse background covering image processing, algorithms, numerics, embedded and digital systems, medical technology, multimedia, creative technology and ....

General Information Bachelor / Master Thesis / Master Project (click the link to get more information)

Structural Advice Bachelor / Master Thesis / Master Project (click the link to get more information)

Open Thesis / Project Topics (form teams of 4 for the MSc Projects):

  • Tool for auto-generation of UML diagrams from JavaScript code
  • Real-time online puzzle web-app
  • Inertia measurement units performance evaluation
  • Game development for education and academia
  • E-mobility status monitoring and data logging applications (network and smartphone / tablet based)
  • Audio programming architecture on low-cost computing platforms (e.g. Raspberry Pi)
  • Performance and cabability assessment of multi-touch input surfaces
  • Cross-platform game development with cocos-2d-x
  • Open Frameworks on embedded devices (Android, Raspberry Pi, iOS, ...)
  • Electronic pin board app for faculty wide project opportunity announcements
  • Spread-sheet web-app for multi-user editing. Backend node.js based, Authentication using LDAP. Spread-sheet version management,
  • Comparative study of modern web technologies, i.e. what do internet start-ups like, cloud services vis-à-vis etc.
  • Spatial tracking using Smart Phone sensors: Accuracy analysis
  • Audio processing using the Web Audio API
  • Online mindmapping tool using HTML5 + web frameworks
  • Web app voting system for real-time lecture feedback
  • Video synthesis on Raspberry Pi, OpenGL ES GLSL
  • Semantic web SPARQL queries and Eurostat data access
  • 3D graphics programming in the browser (WebGL)
  • 3D data interaction with Android
  • Applications with BlueTooth 4 Low Energy
  • Music synthesizer using Arduino
  • Wireless midi
  • Cross-platform audio plugin with JUCE