Courses for Exchange Students at Kiel UAS

The final course offers and class schedules for the respective upcoming semester are usually released at the end of July / January respectively. In order to prepare your learning agreements beforehand please use the general overviews of classes taught in English as provided by our departments and the course lists of the module database. Please have a look at the classes offered in the winter term/summer term of the previous year as many modules will be identical for the following winter term and summer term respectively. Consider the “module occurrence” of each course.

Department of Business

Winter term 2020/2021

Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

Winter term 2020/2021

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Department of Media
Department of Social Work and Health
German Courses

German courses (usually 5 ECTS) are offered by the language department of Kiel UAS. Students are encouraged to participate in German courses. Different proficiency levels will be available.

German as foreign language