Help for study applicants with a foreign university entrance qualification

You didn’t receive your university entrance qualification or a first professional university degree in Germany but want to apply for one of our bachelor’s or master’s courses.

Thank you for your interest!

We deal with your application together with ‘uni-assist’, the service point for foreign study applications.

(If you attended a preparatory college or have a certificate of equivalence from the Ministry of Education, you can apply directly via the range of courses to Kiel University of Applied Sciences. An application via uni-assist is not necessary.)

When applying please consider the following:

1) Which study courses are you interested in?

You can find an overview of the study courses at UAS Kiel in our range of studies. Additionally, at,, and you receive an extensive summary about ‘Studying in Germany’ for international students.

2) Attention

Applications via are only possible online.  At Kiel University of Applied Sciences you can apply for only one restricted study course. You can apply for several study courses that have free admission.

Please register at uni-assist and create an application.  When you fill in the application form, please add your email address if possible. Then, we can communicate much faster and more reliably with you and answer outstanding questions.

3) Have you attached all necessary documents?

You have to add legally certified and officially translated documents to all information stated in the online application (educational attainment, language skills, internships). An application sent in incomplete form can unfortunately not be processed! If you apply to various universities simultaneously, which all take part in the uni-assist procedure, you only have to submit your documents once. Please ask directly at the universities concerned whether they also take part in the uni-assist procedure.

4) Application deadlines and further procedures

Please send your application to:

Fachhochschule Kiel
c/o uni-assist
D-11507 Berlin

The application deadlines for restricted study courses at our university are 15 January for the summer semester and 20 August for the winter semester. The date of receipt of the complete documents at uni-assist is valid. For courses with free admission, the application deadlines vary. You’ll find the corresponding dates here. An application via uni-assist is usually possible at the beginning of November for the summer semester and at the beginning of May for the winter semester.

Important information

According to the constant increase in applications during the past semesters, delays can occur during the editing of applications especially just before the closing date at uni-assist. Linked to these circumstances, notices of admission may be received later than usual. Since the University of Applied Sciences Kiel determines a fixed date of enrolment, this date might not be met especially if the applicants reside in a foreign country. For that reason, we strongly recommend you to apply as early as possible via uni-assist.

uni-assist will check your application, inform you and give you information about the following procedure.

If all your documents are complete and fulfil the necessary entrance requirements, uni-assist will transfer the application to our university. From all applicants, we will choose the best ones and offer them a study place at our university.

If you do not yet fulfil the application requirements, uni-assist will inform you and ask you to hand in the missing documents.

You will receive a message from uni-assist at the latest one month (usually earlier) after your application which informs you about the continuing process!

5) Please remit the application fee

The processing of your application documents requires an application fee. You receive information about the amount payable here.

Please transfer the application fee on time, so your documents can be processed. Information ont the transfer of payment, payment options and the bank details are available on the uni-assist website.

If you are transferring money from abroad, please consider that you also have to pay the amount of remittance fees from your bank.

6) Do you have further questions?

You can find more information about the uni-assist procedure here:

Thank you for your application!

Your uni-assist team