Study Guidance

It is the responsibility of the faculties to provide subject-related study guidance. Teachers at the faculty offer this support. You will get advice on course contents, organisation, and major fields of study.

The faculties organise study guidance individually. The respective contact person is listed below. If not, please contact the faculty administration.  

Should you intend to undertake a period of study abroad please contact the study abroad advisor.




Industriebegleitendes Studium IBS

For project coordinators, contact persons and further information, see here.

Faculty of Agriculture

Office 04331 845-0  

Degree course Bachelor:
Prof. Dr. Rainer Wulfes
E-mail: rainer.wulfes(at)
Phone: 04331 845-112  

Degree course Master:
Prof. Dr. Martin Braatz
Email: martin.braatz(at)
Phone: 04331 845-123  

Study abroad advisor:
Prof. Dr. Alexander Stoy
E-mail: Alexander.stoy(at)
Phone: 04331 845-129  

Faculty course and teaching advisor:
Prof. Dr. Rainer Wulfes
E-mail: rainer.wulfes(at)
Phone: 04331 845-112

Faculty of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

Office 0431 210-4005  

Degree course Bachelor of Computer Science:
Prof Dr. Ulrich Jetzek
Phone: +49 431 210-4111

Degree course Bachelor of Technology Management and Marketing:
Prof. Dr. Kay Rethmeier
Phone: +49 431 210-4062

Degree course Bachelor of Mechatronics:
Prof. Dr. Thomas Rinder
Phone: +49 431 210-2552
E-mail: thomas.rinder(at)  

Degree course Bachelor of Information Technology and Internet:
Prof. Dr. Nils Gruschka
Phone: +49 431 210-4118
E-mail: nils.gruschka(at)  

Degree course Master of Information Technology:
Prof. Dr. Robert Manzke
Phone: +49 431 210-4117
E-mail: robert.manzke(at)  

Degree course Master of Technologies:
Prof. Dr. Ulf Schümann
Phone: +49 431 210-4196
E-mail: ulf.schuemann(at)  

Study abroad advisors:
Prof. Dr. Jens Lüssem
Phone: 0431 210-4108 room no. C12-1.82
E-mail: jens.luessem(at)  

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Jetzek:
Phone: 0431 210-4111
Room no. C13-2.27
E-mail: ulrich.jetzek(at)  

Prof. Dr Robert Manzke:
phone: 0431 210-4117
Room no. C12-1.84
E-mail robert.manzke(at)  

Faculty course and teaching advisor:
Prof. Dr. Gerd Steinführer
E-mail: gerd.steinfuehrer(at)
Phone: 0431 210-4002


Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Office 0431 210-2501  

Degree course Master of Industrial Engineering (online):
Dipl.-Kfm. Stefan Eghbalian
E-mail: stefan.eghbalian(at)
Phone: 0431 219-2775  

Degree course Bachelor of International Sales and Purchasing in Engineering:
Prof. Dr. Tobias Specker
E-mail: tobias.specker(at)
Phone: 0431 210-2633  

Degree course Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering:
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jochen Hasenpath
E-mail: jochen.hasenpath(at)
Phone: 0431 210-2620  

Degree course Master of Mechanical Engineering:
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Günter Grabe
E-mail: guenter.grabe(at)
Phone: 0431 210-2613  

Degree course Bachelor of Offshore Systems Engineering:
Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Peter Quell
E-mail: peter.quell(at)
Phone: 0431 210-2701  

Degree course Bachelor of Naval Architecture and Maritime Technology:
Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Meyer-Bohe
E-mail: andreas.meyer-bohe(at)
Phone: 0431 210-2704  

Degree course Master of Naval Architecture and Maritime Technology:
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kai Graf
E-mail: kai.graf(at)
Phone: 0431 210-2706  

Faculty course and teaching advisor:
Prof. Dr. habil. Mohammed Es-Souni
Phone: 0431 210-2660  

Study abroad advisor:
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sönke Schmidt
Phone: 0431 210-2619

Faculty of Media

Office 0431 210-4508  

Study Guidance (all degree courses):
Mrs. Steffi Richter
Faculty manager phone: 0431 210-4508

Study Guidance (journalism and media management):
Mrs. Gunda Krüger
Coordinator phone: 0431 210-4509

Study abroad advisor:
Prof. Dr. Christian Hauck (dean)
Phone: 0431 210-4519
E-mail: christian-hauck(at)

Faculty of Social Work and Health

Office 0431 210-3000  

Degree course Social Work
Mrs. Ulrike Rothkamp, faculty manager
E-mail: ulrike.rothkamp(at)
Phone: 0431 210-3008  

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Lütjen
E-mail: reinhard-luetjen(at)
Phone: 0431 210-3040, room no. 5.13  

Prof. Dr. Gaby Lenz, Dean
E-mail: gaby.lenz(at)
Phone: 0431 210-3051  

Degree course Early Childhood Education
Prof. Dr. Sylvia Kägi
E-mail: sylvia.kaegi(at)
Phone: 0431 210-3035, room no. 5.13  

Degree course Rehabilitation
Wiebke Petrowski
E-mail: wiebke.petrowski(at)
Phone: 0431 210-3006, room no. 5.20  

Study Abroad Advisor
Prof. Dr. Ayca Polat
E-mail: ayca.polat(at)
Phone: 0431 210-3048, room no. 5.23  

Faculty course and teaching advisor
Prof. Dr. Stephan Dettmers
E-mail: stephan.dettmers(at)
Phone: 0431 210-3066, room no. 6.29

Faculty of Business Management

Office 0431 210-3530  

Degree course Business Management:
Prof. Dr. Karsten Eisenschmidt
E-mail: karsten.eisenschmidt(at)
Phone: 0431 210-3561  

Degree course Business Management Master non-consecutive:
Prof. Dr. Ruth Boerckel-Rominger
E-mail: ruth.boerckel-rominger(at)
Phone: 0431 210-3545  

Industrial Engineering and Management:
Prof. Dr. Klaus Dieter Lorenzen
E-mail: klaus.lorenzen(at)
Phone: 0431 210-3538  

Online courses:
Dr. Jens Langholz
E-mail: jens.langholz(at)
Phone: 0431 210-3502  

Degree Course Business Informatics:
Prof. Dr. Dirk Frosch-Wilke, Dean
E-mail:  dirk.frosch-wilke(at)
Phone: 0431 210-3516  

Study Abroad Advisor
English speaking countries:

Prof. Dr. Peter Franke  

French and Spanish speaking countries:
Prof. Dr. Matthias Dressler  

Polish speaking countries:
Prof. Dr. Enno Langfeldt  

Scandinavian speaking countries:
Prof. Dr. Rune Ellemose Gulev

Faculty course and teaching advisor:
Prof. Dr. Björn Christensen
E-mail: bjoern.christensen(at)
Phone: 0431 210-3560