Continuing Education

At the Kiel University of Applied Sciences continuing education has got different faces.

Our Institute for Continuing Education provides selected offers for those who are alreadypursuing a career and want to rise to new challenges.

The Centre for Learning and Teaching Development (Zentrum für Lernen undLehrentwicklung – ZLL) is a central institution at the Kiel University of Applied Sciences. On the one hand this centre provides services to support students in developing their soft skills and preparing them for their professional career, as far as this has not been embedded in the syllabus of the faculties or is not provided by the Centre for Languages and Intercultural Studies (ZSIK). On the other hand the centre provides advice, support, and impetus regarding course quality, course and module development, and development of teaching competence.

The internal information and professional development programme INSIDE is meant for tenured teachers at the Kiel University of Applied Sciences. It supports newcomers to the teaching profession in on-site orientation and networking. The teachers gain insight into university processes and get information on a variety of topics across the Kiel University of Applied Sciences.

The professional development series VIP which is an internal offer, too, invites all technical and administrative staff to inform themselves on different areas and tasks as well as procedures and responsibilities at the Kiel University of Applied Sciences.