Central procurement procedure of the foundation for university admission – hochschulstart.de

For the first time, Kiel University of Applied Sciences is participating in the dialogue-oriented service procedure (DoSV) of the foundation for university admission – hochschustart.de with its bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in the summer semester 2017.

DoSV is a central procedure to dispense study places for beginners. It serves to coordinate the awarding of basic, local admission-limited degree courses at federal level. The background of that procedure is the current “multiple occupancy“ of study places from study applicants who have applied to several universities. Its aim is to distribute the places to applicants faster, more effectively and in a more user-friendly manner. With the DoSV candidates have the advantage of having a central contact point where they can manage and check the state of all their applications in one platform, at any time.

At hochschulstart.de you can apply beginning from 1st November for the summer semester and 1st July for the winter semester for a study place at Kiel University of Applied Sciences. The application deadline ends on the 15th January for the summer- and the 20th August for the winter semester.

Who can apply at hochschulstart.de?

Application via hochschulstart.de for Kiel University of Applied Sciences is only possible for the first semester of the bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. This is also valid for second degrees.

The application at hochschulstart.de is obligatory for

Application via hochschulstart.de is not possible for German and external applicants who own a university entrance qualification gained outside Germany. These need to apply at uni-assist. Please note that the application at uni-assist is subject to charge. Before you apply at uni-assist, you need to register with the website of the foundation of university admission. After registration, you receive an ID consisting of two parts – the BID (Applicant ID) and BAN (Applicant Authentication Number). The BID and the BAN need to be submitted with the application on the uni-assist portal.

The application for guest studies is not possible at hochschulstart.de. For guest studies you need to apply directly to the Kiel University of Applied Sciences (UAS Kiel) with the corresponding application for admission approval. For more information, click here.

An application for a higher semester takes also place directly via UAS Kiel. You reach the application portal via study program.

How does the application via hochschulstart.de work?

  1. Register at hochschulstart.de. After registering successfully, you receive an applicant ID and a BAN (Applicant Authentication Number).
  2. Pass through the DoSV-Online Application of the UAS Kiel at hochschulstart.de.
  3. Send your files by 15th January for the summer semester and the 20th August for the winter semester to UAS Kiel. (limitation period – the date of receipt at the university is valid)
  4. You receive an overview of your applications through the dialogue-oriented service procedure at the admission portal of hochschulstart.de. There you can see your application status and accept approval offers from the universities.

Further information is available at www.hochschulstart.de.

What else needs to be considered?

Can I apply additionally for another degree course at the UAS Kiel?

Yes, if the study course has open admission.

If the university receives various applications for registration-limited degree courses, the application for approval handed in last, will be considered in the procurement procedure, irrespective of the fact whether it is an application procedure via hochschulstart.de or directly via the online portal of Kiel University of Applied Sciences.

Do I also need to apply at hochschulstart.de for a higher semester in Business Administration?

No, applicants for higher semesters need to apply via the online application portal of www.fh-kiel.de.