De-registration / Exmatriculation

In order to receive your final diploma at the end of your stay at Kiel UAS, you have to officially de-register from the university.


In order to do so, follow the steps below:

1.       Fill in the application for de-registration

·         Student at the Campus Kiel: Antrag auf Exmatrikuklation

·         Students at the Campus Osterrönfeld: Antrag auf Exmatrikulation


2.       Attach the signed clearance form to your application

(The form is also available at your examination Office or here)

·         Faculty of Agriculture: clearance form

·         Faculty of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering: clearance form

·         Faculty of Mechanical Engineering: clearance form

·         Faculty of Media: clearance form

·         Faculty of Social Work and Health: clearance form

·         Faculty of Business Management: clearance form

Important Note: If you do not attach this form, you cannot be de-registered from Kiel UAS!


3.       Attach your student ID-card


4.       Hand in all documents mentioned above to the Admissions Office/Office for Student Affairs (‘Studiensekretariat’) either in person or by post to:

Fachhochschule Kiel

Sokratesplatz 3


24149 Kiel

Please be aware that any pre-printed student enrolment confirmations are invalid after your de-registration has been completed! Unlawfully use of invalid student documents will be prosecuted.