Michael Lee


Institut für angewandte Informatik - Institute of Applied Information Technologies



Software engineering and architecture, software project management, math, physics


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other requests: please make an appointment via E-mail


summer semester 2019

14032Mobile Mediagermanlab & lecture
OOPObject Oriented Programminggermanlab & lecture
GHPIntroduction to Embedded Programminggarmanlab & lecture
MI108Advanced C++englishlab & lecture

past teaching


thesis topics

  • using Google Chromecast for projection mapping
  • extracting 3rd party data for customized apps
  • using location for geoglyphic art
  • using robots to measure room dimensions

past thesis

Job Offerings

We are always looking for student assistants!

We offer tasks in the following fields

  • web debelopment (apps und Backends)
  • low level programming and internet of things
  • hardware interaction (robotics)
  • developing web apps using web technology (React Native)
  • functional programming
  • devops and servers
  • 2D and 3D visualization
  • preparing lectures
  • illustration and graphic art

Prior knowledge of one or more of the following topics would be a plus:

C/C++ Programmierung von Microcontrollern

  • C/C++ microcontroller programming
  • backend programming with JavaScript of Go
  • frontend development using JavaScript und React, Angular or Vue
  • Haskell or elm skills
  • knowledge of OpenGL, WebGL or other 2D/3D JavaScript graphic libraries
  • creating visually appealing pages with HTML/CSS
  • graphic art or illustration skills
  • practical experience with LaTeX

If you are intereseted contact us


mail: michael.lee(at)fh-kiel.de


main campus building 12
room number 12-1.61 (first floor)


Fachhochschule Kiel
Fachbereich Informatik und Elektrotechnik
Grenzstraße 5
24149 Kiel

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