Leave of Abscence

After completion of the first semester students can be granted a Leave of Absence. Good reasons for a suspension request are 

  • Illness (your own illness or illness of a close relative)
  • Pregnancy, maternity leave, care for an own child for a period of time that would have been granted to employed persons. In these cases suspension can be granted up to a maximum of three years
  • Study abroad – no assessments and examinations to be completed ·        
  • Conscription in a service pursuant to section 12a, para. 1 or 2 Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany. In such cases suspension will be granted for the duration of the service up to a maximum of two years.
  • Involvement in academic and student self-administration
  • Practical (no assessments and examinations)
  • Employment to help finance your studies  

Normally, the Application for Leave of Absence has to be submitted to the Student Information and Advisory Service within the re-registration period.
Just for once you can apply for a retrospective suspension of status when you submit a medical certificate and before assessments have been completed. Please contact Student Information and Advisory Service.
Please submit the Application for Suspension Form of the Kiel University of Applied Sciences. For detailed information please refer to the leaflet.  

Fachhochschule Kiel Studierendensekretariat
(Advisory Service)
Sokratesplatz 1
241149 Kiel
Phone 0431 210-1339

Fachhochschule Kiel Fachbereich Agrarwirtschaft Studierendensekretariat
(Advisory Service)
GrünerKamp 11 24783
Phone 04331 845-0