"Moin" - Welcome to Kiel!

Kiel is the capital city of Schleswig-Holstein, the northernmost German state. It borders Denmark and provides access to the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. The city itself sits across both sides of a beautiful natural harbour - Kieler Förde - , directly at the Baltic Sea and the Kiel Canal, one of the busiest artificial waterways of the world.

As a coastal city Kiel offers a wide range of leisure activities, such as rowing, sailing, surfing or diving. Many beautiful beaches are within easy reach and bring on that holiday feeling. Other activities possible in Kiel include horse riding - on the beaches or in the beautiful woods that surround Kiel -, football (both variations), handball (national champions) and so on.

Kiel Week is the world's biggest sailing event and a special highlight in the summer. You can enjoy this major sporting event together with many visitors with live music and culinary delights.

Another symbol of the city is the handball club THW Kiel. The German Champion shows its class nationally and internationally on a regular basis. But even in sports like football or American football Kiel is represented by professional teams.

The city's centre is the natural harbour: the Förde. In addition to the regular ferry lines to Scandinavia, you can admire some of the largest cruise ships in the world.

The magnificent coastline is ideal for walks, cycling or inline skating directly in the city centre, from which you can easily get to the outdoors, or the nearest city of international reputation - Hamburg: itself a gateway to the rest of Germany, Europe and the World.

Kiel is a relatively inexpensive place to live; students can expect to need about 700 Euros per month, as a minimum standard, which includes rent costs.