Praktika und Abschlussarbeiten

Sommersemester 2018

  • Applications of Blockchain in different areas, Master Project, SS18
  • Building Web Applications for Small-scale Businesses through API’s using Excel Data Inputs, Master Project, SS18
  • Sicherheitsbetrachtung eines IT-Systems mit mobiler Anwendung zur zeiterfassung, Bachelor Thesis, SS18

Wintersemester 2018/19

  • Autonomous Assessment System (AAS), Master Project, WS18/19
  • 2 Factor Authentification on Mobile Phone with Geolocation, Master Project, WS18/19
  • JavaScript Web Crypto API , Bachelor Thesis, WS18/19
  • SAP Business one Web interface., Master Project, WS18/19
  • Threat Modeling for IoT sensor environment, Master Project, WS18/19
  • An optimization process of Web Based music assistent, Master Project, WS18/19
  • C.K. Time-Stamp Application, Master Project, WS18/19
  • An analysis of the DoS attack on a cloud-based environment., Master Project, WS18/19
  • Digital Signing and Pattern Recognition of Content, Master Thesis, WS18/19
  • Mint media interactive Software Systems GmbH Kiel., Master Project, WS18/19
  • CO2 Monkey – Web Based Compensation Platform, Master Project, WS18/19
  • An Automatization of Insurance Web Process and Information, Master Project, WS18/19
  • Tourism Social Media For Pursuing, Master Project, WS18/19
  • Design and Implementation of Monitoring and Alerting Dashboard, Master Project, WS18/19
  • An efficient scalable IT-assisted solution for voluntary compensation of CO2 emissions caused by private transportation sector, Master Thesis, WS18/19
  • Automated Vulnerability Scanning, Master Thesis, WS18/19
  • Analysis and Classification of Security Threats in Blockchain Technology, Master Thesis, WS18/19
  • Integration of Data Protection Impact Assessments into Information Security Management Systems, Master Thesis, WS18/19
  • Development of a Baseline Architecture for Secure Cloud Migration in Enterprises, Master Thesis, WS18/19

Sommersemester 2019

  • Re-Design der Payment-Page beim Mobilen Bezahlen in Bezug auf Usability/Homogenität/Brand Auftreten und User-Flow, Bachelor Thesis, SS19
  • Devops Pipeline Implementation for automating Car Manufacturing applications, Master Project, SS19
  • Implementation of an existing Java(SpringBoot) Microservice in JavaScript(Nodejs), Master Project, SS19
  • Experimental study of modern vulnerability impacts in a web application., Master Thesis, SS19
  • Automation Of Continuous Integration Work Flow Using Jenkins, Master Project, SS19
  • Adapting a holistic security-first approach for cloud, Master Thesis, SS19
  • Digital Transformation – Risk and Governance transformation, Master Thesis, SS19
  • User Interface Design and Development of REST‐Based Frontend Web Service Platform on Performance Measurement Analysis, Master Thesis, SS19
  • Development of a web-based Automatic Call Distribution solution with interactive Voice Response functionality for the e-commerce industry, Master Thesis, SS19
  • Analysis and evaluation of cost reduction for web development projects by using style guide driven development, Master Thesis, SS19
  • Improvement of user interaction of a website through the use of modern framework technologies on the basis of a local rental company, Master Project, SS19
  • SharePoint Migration Best Practices, Master Project, SS19
  • Additive Klangsynthese Bedienung und Umsetzung von additiven Synthesizern, Bachelor Thesis, SS19
  • Compare and Analyse Junst-In-Time provisioning and System for Cross-domain Identity Management with respect to user roles, Master Thesis, SS19
  • Virtualization in the ARM Environment, Master Thesis, SS19

Wintersemester 2019/20

  • Investigating The Effectiveness Of Biometric Authentication In Preventing Card Fraud In The Banking Industry, Master Project, WS19/20
  • Visualisation of ForeCast Data in an Web application, Master Thesis, WS19/20
  • Überwachungssystem der Abhängigkeiten im Programmcode , Bachelor Thesis, WS19/20
  • Erstellung und Verifizierung einer Härtung zur Absicherung von Member-Servern im Rahmen der IT-Sicherheit, Bachelor Thesis, WS19/20
  • Performance Analyzes and Enhancement of the database system of Mint Media Interactive, Master Thesis, WS19/20
  • Konzeption und Umsetzung eines Dashboards für Zeiterfassungssysteme, Bachelor Thesis, WS19/20