Enrolment – Information für new students

Welcome at Kiel University of Applied Sciences!

Here you will find all the documents you need for enrolment at Kiel University of Applied Sciences. Furthermore, you’ll obtain initial information from your new faculty.

You should have received the exact dates for enrolment together with your letter of admission. There is no enrolment possible on other dates. Students must enrol in person within the time limit prescribed at the Registration Office (except the Faculty of Agriculture).

Registration Office:

Fachhochschule Kiel
Sokratesplatz 3
24149 Kiel
Tel.: 0431/210-1339

For the Faculty of Agriculture:

Fachhochschule Kiel
Fachbereich Agrarwirtschaft
Grüner Kamp 11
24783 Osterrönfeld
Tel.: 04331/845-0

For enrolment, please put together all the documents requested in the checklist, print them, fill them in and bring them all with you on the day of the enrolment. Please bring all certificates and other verifications in their original forms.

Please consider:

If there is no request to perform the enrolment until the determined date or the documents are incomplete or incorrect, the letter of admission becomes invalid. Therefore, entitlement to the university place becomes ineffective.


Enrolment documents

Enrolment documents
(valid for all courses)

You can download all the necessary documents here. Please also consider all the other documents that you need to bring with you at enrolment (checklist)!!

Application for enrolment (fill in and sign)

Bank details for the semester fee (show account statement)

Bank details for the registration fee 100,00 euros (show account statement)

Leaflet on statutory health insurance (present attestation)

If necessary: proof of German language skills

Cancellation after enrolment

The enrolment can be cancelled within three weeks after the date of registration. A written request for cancellation, the temporary certificate of study and, if already handed out, the chip card need to be handed in at the Registration Office.

A refund of the enrolment fee is not possible after cancellation.

Forms for cancellation requests

can be downloaded here in PDF format.

Information for new students

New students can find important information from their future faculty here (for example start of the semester, pre-courses etc.). Furthermore, the student bodies of the faculties regularly offer special attractions (Freshmen trip to get to know each other, etc.). Click on your faculty to learn more.


Faculty of Agriculture

Faculty of Computer Sciences and Electrical Engineering

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Faculty of Media

Institute for Civil Engineering at the Faculty of Media

Faculty of Social Work and Health

Faculty of Business Management

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