Part-time studies

If an important reason limits the student's time and capacity to study, it is possible to study the bachelor’s degree in Social Work part-time.

The application must be filed at enrolment. Students who are already registered can file an application in the re-registration period of every semester: in the summer semester until the 30th June and in the winter semester until the 31th December.

It is necessary to attach proof, which verifies the reason for part-time study. Important reasons are employment, childcare, caring for a relative, disability, illness, participation in the AStA (General Students’ Union) or other students’ unions.

More details can be found on the application sheet and in the extract of the registration regulation of Kiel University of Applied Sciences, § 4.

The application for part-time studies is available here or at the Registration Office (please consider the opening hours).

E-Mail: studierendensekretariat(at)