Faculty of Social Work and Health

Students in the Faculty of Social Work and Health can choose between the degree courses: Social Work (Bachelor of Arts) , Education in Childhood (Bachelor of Arts), Physiotherapy (Bachelor of Science) an Research, Development, Management in Social Work, Rehabilitation/Health or Childhood Education (Master of Arts).  

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work
    The Bachelor of Arts degree course is designed to provide undergraduates with a relevant combination of expertise in social work, social pedagogy, pedagogy, psychology, sociology, law, politics, health care and economics; equipping them with the competence to plan, lead, communicate, analyse, evaluate and counsel, as well as with soft skills. The participants are enabled to apply their knowledge practically to those who need to (re)establish their autonomy in life and also to find appropriate solutions to social problems clients may be experiencing.
  • Master's Degree in Research, Development, Management in Social Work, Rehabilitation/Health Sciences or Childhood Education
    The Master of Arts degree course aims to equip students with a sound theoretical and practical grounding to enable them to take up leading posts in all areas of Social Work, Physiotherapy and Childhood Education as well as to continue and develop their research interests. The master's degree is designed to provide postgraduates with a relevant combination of expertise in research an development, management and a major in either social work, rehabilitation/health or early childhood education. The 2-year Programme is designed to follow on from a prerequesite relevant first academic degree, i.e. social work, physiotherapy, early childhood education, pedagogy, health sciences, occupational therapy, logopedics, othopedagogy, medical pedagogy or Rehabilitation sciences.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Education in Childhood
    The Bachelor of Arts degree course equips the students with the skills needed to be a professional in the areas of education and social work with children (aged 0-14) and their families. Graduates acquire special leadership and counselling skills for practising in youth services and school. They are able to cope with the many challenges while working with children, requiring intense knowledge, continual development of skills, and flexible creativity.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy
    The Bachelor of Science degree course is conducted jointly with three renowned vocational schools of Physiotherapy in Schleswig-Holstein. The programme lasts six semesters, spread over four and a half years. Successful graduates are awarded a Bachelor’s degree on completion. Students are simultaneously pupils of the above-mentioned schools for physiotherapy, where they are trained as physiotherapists, while being enrolled at Kiel University of Applied Sciences. 


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