Novembre 2012: Transfer price to Prof. Dr. Es-Souni

The EKSH distinguished Prof. Dr. Mohammed Es-Souni with the 2012 transfer award in the category "Science at Universities of Applied science" for his outstanding dedication to technology transfer. The award includes prize money of 10.000 euros. He also gets a transfer award as free resource for new transfer activities.

July 2010: Transfer price from the Innovation Foundation Schleswig-Holstein to Prof. Dr. Es-Souni

The Innovation Foundation Schleswig-Holstein awarded Prof. Es-Souni a transfer price of 15.000 € for his continous dedication to technology transfer and the realization of numerous technology transfer projects in cooperation with regional and national companies during the last two years.

Schmidt-Römhild Technology Award 2002

The Innovation Foundation of Schlewig-Holstein (ISH) distinguished Prof. Dr. Mohammed Es-Souni with the 2002 Technology Award (Schmidt-Römhild Technology Award) in the category "Science" for outstanding research and technology transfer activities.