Cooperation with universities and industry

Cooperation with the technical faculty of the Christian-Albrechts University (Professor Dr. Franz Faupel)

Currently at the IMST 3 doctoral theses in the field of composites and interfaces are supervised.

Cooperation in the Network Exoprothesennet.SH

The IMST is partner in the network Exoprothesennet.SH, that aims at the optimized support ( close to their home) of people with amputations - with systematic innovations of technical solutios in the orthopedic field.

The Exoprothesennet.SH is sponsored by the ZIM-Program of the Federal Ministery of Economy and Energy.

Cooperation with the University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein UKSH with Professor Dr. Helge Fischer Brandies, Orthodontist


Development of orthodontic arches and devices on the basis of nickel-titanium shape memory alloys.

For the characterization and qualification of orthodontic materials so far 6 doctoral theses have been supervised in our laboratory (3 of which are already successfully completed with a doctoral degree).

With Professor Dr. Olav Jansen, Neuroradiology

Development, coating and functionalizing of carotid stents.

Our industrial partners are:

  • HDW Kiel
  • Panasonic Germany
  • BC-Components Beyschlag GmbH, Heide
  • Valdemar-Link, Hamburg
  • OPtiMed, Ettlingen
  • Dräger, Lübeck
  • Walterwerke Kiel
  • ELAC L3, Kiel
  • Lohmann Chemiefabrik, Emmerthal
  • EGE Electronik, Gettorf
  • Intratec

Technology Transfer

All projects listed above are compiled in close cooperation with industrial partners (see project list). Within these projects Know-How on matters of material development and material qualification is transferred.

International Collaboration

  • University of Southern Denmark Odense, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (Prof. Eivind Skou): corporate INTERREG-Projects
  • School of Materials Engineering, Nanyang Technical University, Singapur: Prof. Dr. Thirumany Sritharan, Prof. Dr. Ma Jan
  • State Key Lab for High Performance Ceramics and Superfine Microstructures, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Jianding, Shanghai (Prof. Hao-Su Luo,Prof. Ai-Li-Ding) (Kooperationsvertrag)
  • Tsinghua Technical University, DPT of Materials Sciences (Prof. Cewen Nan)
  • Rutgers University, Chair of Ceramics (Prof. Ahmad Safari)
  • TU Kaunas (Litauen), Center for Microsystems and Nanotechnology (Prof. Valentinas Snitka)
  • TU Tallinn (Estland), Center for Materials Technology, Photonic Materials (Prof. Enn Mellikov, Prof. Dr. Malle Krunks)
  • University of Aveiro (Portugal) , DPT of Ceramics and Glass Engineering (Prof. George Frade)
  • Université de Bretagne Sud (F), Centre de Materiaux, Lorient (Prof. Gerard Rio)
  • TU Gliwice (PL), Materials Engineering (Prof. Leszek Dobrzanski)