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Our identity


The objectives set out in the guidelines of the Kiel University of Applied Sciences have shaped pioneering aspirations. Working on the important interdisciplinary issues gender, diversity, sustainability and family we contribute to implementing those guidelines and realizing the vision that we will be the institution in the north to be awarded the Higher Education Institute Teaching Excellence.


We aim at promoting a culture where democratic, fair, and sustainable experiences for all are ensured at our higher education institute and in society.


Motivated by respect and appreciation, consideration, tolerance, and inclusion of all individuals we aim at promoting equal opportunities, anti-discrimination, shared power, empowerment, and a sustainable development.


We are committed to disclosing and abolishing hierarchies, stereotypes, and privileges we discover in our vicinity. We want to raise awareness, allow self-development, emphasise diversity, and establish networks. At the same time we do not forget that there is more than heteronormativity in this world.


We help, support, sentisise, inspire, and motivate staff and students whenever possible.


We are aware of our possibilities to act but at the same time see the limits and support the team to achieve the assigned objective through willpower.


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