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The International Office, part of the university’s central administration, is the first point of contact both for students and researchers coming to Germany from abroad and for German students and lecturers planning to spend time abroad. The International Office advises international students and assists German students in all matters concerning universities abroad, especially our partner universities around the world.

The degree programmes offered by Kiel University of Applied Sciences are decidedly international in character. The institution maintains cooperation agreements with a large number of European and other universities worldwide. These agreements make a variety of exchange programmes available to students and teaching staff of both institutions.

Our services include:

  • Coordination of European programmes
  • Cooperation with the DAAD, i.e. the German Academic Exchange Service, located in Bonn
  • Bilateral exchange programmes
  • Scholarship programmes
  • Orientation programmes

Sokratesplatz 4
Gebäude-Nr.19, Obergeschoss
Tel: 0431 210-1800
Fax: 0431 210-1810
E-Mail: international(at)

Outgoing Students: outgoing(at)

Incoming Students: incoming(at)

Facebook- International Office: IO FH

The International Office of Kiel University of Applied Sciences points out, that when using Facebook services a data transfer of traffic and content data into the U.S., and a qualified feedback to the operator regarding the use of the offer, the so-called range analysis, takes place. The International Office dissociates itself from this method and accepts no responsibility whatsoever. 

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