Business Project Semester

Kiel University of Applied Sciences, the largest university of its kind in Schleswig-Holstein (northern Germany), starts running its first Business Project Semester (BPS) in the summer term of 2018. The BPS at Kiel University of Applied Sciences is hosted by the Faculty of Business Management, which organizes the projects and provides support services and facilities.

The Business Project Semester (BPS) at Kiel University of Applied Sciences is hosted by the Faculty of Business Management.

Teams of international students work on a real-time project in a local company supervised by a professor of the Faculty of Business Management.

The project language is English

Duration: Summer Term 2019 from March 2nd to June 27th

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The initial part of the BPS is four weeks of classroom-based (short) courses covering hard and soft skills; , including project management, process management, supply chain management, market research, teambuilding, conflict Management and business behaviour. Lessons are a mixture of classic, interactive-discussive as well as in workshops. Supervisory tutorials and courses will also take place during the project part of the programme.

- The number of participants will be limited

- Successful completion of BPS will achieve 30 ECTS points, of which 15 are for the project, 10 for the introductory courses and 5 for an course of you're choice.

- Assessment is based on a final team presentation and a final Project Report as well as presentations during the introductory courses

- Focus of content: strategic management and process optimization


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Participation is open to undergraduate students of Business Administration, Industrial Engineering and It-Business.

- Multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary teams

- At least one German Student in each team

- Team size will be approximately five students each


Why choose the BPS programme in Kiel?


- Recognized in Europe and abroad as a significant academic and experiential benefit to your CV.

- A life changing experience that will change and develop your outlook in Life, career and personal skills.

- Going abroad is a great experience: develop cultural skills and awareness, make (international) friends and future contacts, learn a new language and more.

- Possibility to be accepted for a Bachelor's thesis (on agreement with home university).

- Interesting, real-time projects in which students are management consultants to real business Clients.

How to apply for the Business Project Semester in Kiel?


Interested? Apply now for an unforgettable experience and send us your application documents following the guidelines.




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