Prof. Dr. Rune Ellemose Gulev

Professor for International Business Administration


International Academic Coordinator for the Nordic Region


Raum 3.05, Sokratesplatz 2, 24149 Kiel

Telefon: 0431 210-3505 

Telefax: 0431 210-63505


Consultation: Mondays 14:30 - 15:30




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- Intercultural Management (Post-graduate level)

- Cross Cultural Leadership & Human Resource Management (Post-graduate level)

- Cross Cultural Business Management (Under-graduate level)

- Managing Sustainability for Modern Businesses (Under-graduate level)

- Strategic Management & Marketing (Under-graduate level)





Rune Ellemose Gulev's current research aims at linking national variances in culture together thereby bridging communication gaps and improving the conditions under which international businesses operate. Being from Denmark but having lived, worked and studied mostly abroad he is a firm believer in a unified Europe and a strong supporter of professional and academic initiatives that transcend national borders and celebrate cultural diversity.

Dr. Gulev provides seminars for companies and higher learning institutions on how to improve the effectiveness of employees operating in multicultural workplaces. This can range from how you structure your work teams to the specific motivational techniques that work best in certain situations.





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