UAS Kiel Foundation

Dear readers!

You surely have heard of about the strained budgetary situation of the state of Schleswig-Holstein in the news. From the annual funds the university receives, it can carry out its statutory obligation. But money is missing to develop our university. We would like to:

  • increase the success rate of students through didactical measures
  • help entrepreneurs under the umbrella of our university
  • pay scholarships for talented students
  • support the international exchange of students
  • create a more family-friendly university
  • support cross-departmental projects
  • develop the cultural institutions of the universities
  • carry out research projects without state subsidies

How can you help us?

The UAS Kiel Foundation is a fiduciary foundation of the founder community of the Förde Sparkasse with the aim of supporting the University of Applied Sciences and the Student Services Authority. You can support the work of the foundation with donations. In general, there are two possibilities to make payments: as a “sub-foundation” or by donation. With a sub-foundation you strengthen the foundation’s assets and help the university in the long-term. With a donation, the UAS Kiel Foundation can help the university in a timely manner.
In either case, your commitment can be confirmed by a donation receipt which can be submitted to the tax office (Inland Revenue) together with your tax return.


Bank account:       FH Kiel Stiftung

IBAN: DE32 2105 0170 1001 7558 32   
Förde Sparkasse Kiel

Purpose: sub-foundation or donation

Contact:          Prof. Dr. Udo Beer, Udo.Beer(at)