Student of the Department of Agricultural Economics at Kiel University of Applied Sciences in the cornfield©

Faculty of Agriculture

Until further notice, all courses and lectures will take place online. The library and the canteen are closed, too.

ATTENTION: This applies to all lectures and other events based on the regular lesson schedule. For more information, please look at the corresponding Moodle-Courses and the pages of the “Faculty of Agriculture/internal/news”

The areas which graduates from the Faculty of Agriculture can enter are manifold and not particulary susceptible to cyclical fluctuations. The introduction of new regulations in the area of environmental and quality management, the use of bio-energy as a new agricultural branch of industry and the increased demand for management-skills have opened up a wide variety of careers to graduates.

The Faculty of Agriculture offers the following courses:

  • Bachelor of Science in Agriculture more...
  • Master of Science in Agricultural Management more...