Entrance requirements FAQ

Which school-leaving qualification (university entrance qualification) do I need to study at Kiel University of Applied Sciences?

  • General higher education entrance qualification (Abitur)
  • General and subject related advanced technical college certificate (academic and practical part)
  • Master craftsman’s diploma or equivalent educational background
  • University aptitude test
  • Assessment test by a preparatory college
  • Completed university degree

For more information on qualifications, see here.

Can I also apply with the academic part of the advanced technical college certificate?

No. The advanced technical college certificate consists of two parts: the academic and the practical part. Only when both parts have been completed and accepted by the responsible school authority, can you apply to the UAS Kiel. The practical part can consist of an annual internship, a completed vocational training which lasted at least two years or voluntary service (e.g. civilian service, military service). On presentation of completed professional training, you can apply directly to Kiel University of Applied Sciences without an attest of recognition. Attention: a leaving certificate of a vocational school is not valid proof of completed professional training and will not be considered. Please hand in the examination certificate (e.g. journeyman’s certificate) together with your application.

The only exception is the study course in physio therapy. Here, you can also apply with the academic part of the advanced technical college certificate. The practical part will be acknowledged by submission of the necessary training contract with a cooperating partner college.

What is a comparable educational background to the master craftsman’s certificate?

Besides academic university entrance qualifications, there are professional university entrance qualifications. Owners of the following diplomas of the advanced professional training which has consisted of at least 400 teaching hours hold a general university entrance qualification which entitles them to study at any university (in Germany):

1. Craft Master’s qualification based on Regulation §§ 45, 51a, 122 Handwerksordnung (HwO) (craftwork regulations) as amended and published on 24 September 1998 (BGBl. I p. 3074, corr. 2006 p. 2095), last amended by Article 2 of the Federal Code dated 17 July 2009 (BGBl. I p. 2091)

2. Holders of additional training qualifications, for those whose examination regulations correspond to Regulation § 53 or Regulation § 54 of the Berufsbildungsgesetz (BBiG) (Vocational Training Act) published on 23 March 2005 (BGBl. I p. 931), last amended by Article 15 sect. 90 of the Act from 5 February 2009 (BGBl. I p. 160), or based on Regulation §§ 42, 42 a HwO or a comparable national or federal state regulation

 3. Holders of a comparable qualification in accordance with the Seemannsgesetz (Seaman’s Act) of 26 July 1957 (BGBl. I p. 713), last amended by Article 324 of the regulation from 31 October 2006 (BGBl. I p. 2407), especially certificates of competency in nautical or technical shipping services from the state

4. Holders of advanced further training certificates from vocational schools corresponding to the “Rahmenvereinbarung über Fachschulen” (Framework Agreement on Vocational/Technical Schools; Resolution of the Standing Conference of Ministers of Education and Culture from 7 November 2002 in the version dated 9 October 2009) in the respective current version

5. Holders of diplomas in comparable advanced training under national law for professions in healthcare, social care and social education.

The information on university entrance for professionally qualified applicants in Schleswig-Holstein is available at the Landesportal Schleswig-Holstein.

If the master craftsman’s diploma or a similar certificate does not explicitly refer to the legal framework listed above, applicants need to attach proof of the issuing body to their application that the affiliation of the examination corresponds unequivocally to the listed requirements.

When such proof is missing, the application will be excluded from the selection and approval procedure.

The proof must be present until the end of the valid application period.

Do I need an average grade on my certificate?

Yes. A great number (university selection rate) of study places is awarded corresponding to the level of qualification (average grade). If your certificate does not have an average grade, you can obtain an additional average grade from your competent authority. Otherwise, you will be placed after the last application with an average grade.

I don’t have a German university entrance qualification - how can I apply?

If you acquired an assessment test at a preparatory college or own a certificate of equivalence from the Ministry of Education, you can apply directly to UAS Kiel online. If you only have your foreign certificates, apply with all the necessary documents and the application for approval of the UAS Kiel directly via uni-assist e.V. in Berlin. All the required information and notes about the sufficient language skills are available here.

I don’t have an advanced technical college certificate, university entrance qualification (Abitur) or a master craftsman’s certificate. Can I apply at UAS Kiel, nevertheless?

Yes. The University of Applied Sciences Kiel offers the possibility to complete trial studies under certain conditions. All the necessary information is listed here.  An online application ist not possible. There are only limited study places for trial studies.

Which documents do I need to submit when applying?

In general, you apply via the online application for approval (exception: uni-assist applications) and your university entrance qualification (advanced technical college certificate, general higher education (Abitur), master craftsman’s diploma etc.). In addition, for some study degrees (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Agriculture and the bachelor’s degree in Mechatronics), you need a pre-study internship. Here, you can find more information about the pre-study internship for the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture and the bachelor’s degree in Mechatronics. For the dual study course in Physiotherapy, you need a training contract with one of our partner schools. For the study course in Early Childhood Education, you need a state-approved, completed vocational training as an educator (with a minimum grade of 2.3 or better). In addition, all the necessary documents are listed in the corresponding information sheets of the study courses (e.g. certificate of study, de-registration certificate, proof of study performance attained, certificate which states period of service etc.).

Various university entrance qualifications (HZBs)

If you submit various university entrance qualifications (e.g. Abitur and completed vocational training as an educator), the admission office has to take the first achieved qualification into account.

Please only submit the university entrance qualification that you wish to be considered in the award procedure.