“Förde-Kompass” Orientation Semester

The navigation aid for prospective students

University entrance qualification in your pocket, but no idea for what to study?

Which engineering degree is the right one for you?

At the Kiel University of Applied Sciences, students of the Förde-Kompass orientation semester have the possibility to choose the modules that appeal to them the most from a wide selection of technical modules. By doing so, they can create a study plan perfectly suited to their interests. If the participants decide to continue their studies, they will be credited for the achievements they have already made.

During the semester participants study in a fixed group and can exchange ideas with like-minded students. In addition, the Förde-Kompass orientation semester offers the opportunity to find out from other students more about everyday life and the modules at a technical faculty.

Is a technical degree something for you?

The Förde-Kompass orientation semester offers the opportunity to take a mathematics and computer science module at university level. In another module, the students work on typical tasks from technical courses during the semester, providing them with an ideal insight into the requirements of a technical degree programme and an idea of what to expect.

Which degree do you need for your dream job?

As lecturers at a university of applied sciences, they have extensive professional experience. In addition, we offer a university-wide support service which enables us to provide the best possible advice.

Should you start studying?

The students in the six-month orientation semester have a timetable and everyday life like regular students at Kiel University of Applied Sciences. This includes lectures, laboratory exercises and also the examinations at the end of the semester. Based on their experiences, they can decide whether their everyday life should look like this for further three years.

Participating Degree Courses

Faculty of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

•    Electrical Engineering
•    Mechatronics
•    Industrial Engineering – Electrical Engineering

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

•    Mechanical Engineering
•    Renewable offshore energies
•    Naval Architecture and Maritime Technology
•    International Sales and Purchasing in Engineering

1st March 2023

  • general higher education entrance qualification (Abitur) or
  • subject-specific higher/technical education certificate or
  • general or subject-specific advanced technical college entrance qualification (consisting of a school- and a practical-based part) or
  • successfully passed master craftsman’s examination or equivalent previous education (e.g. apprenticeship)
  • all information about the higher education entrance qualification
  • November until 15.01. of each year (summer semester)

Information on application deadlines and procedures for applicants with a foreign university entrance qualification can be found at www.fh-kiel.de/en/degree-courses/information-for-prospective-students/international-applications.

This is a statutory deadline. This means that applications for admission and application documents that are submitted after the deadlines mentioned above will no longer be considered. Further, subsequent submissions after this deadlines are not possible. Applications to study received by fax or e-mail are invalid and are not included in the award procedure.

maximum 30 participants


A compulsory fee per semester is charged for the Studentenwerk (Student Services Authority), the student body representation, and the semester travel ticket.

Also, there is an administration charge for enrolment. This charge is non-refundable.

Further information on the above Fees and Charges