BaMaPLUS - The Orientation Programme

Welcome to the BaMaPLUS orientation programme

A new start in a new country is very exciting and thrilling but also accompanied with many challenges. In order to provide the best possible support for our international students who are coming to Germany to study, we are offering the virtual BaMaPLUS (Bachelor-Master-Plus) orientation programme as of summer semester 2024. Regardless of your aimed degree (Bachelor's or Master's studies), you are more than welcome to register for this virtual programme and take use of the advantages.


The programme includes the following focal points:

  • Welcome and introduction
  • Information on orientation during your studies
  • Information about the general study programme 
  • First To-Dos after arrival in Kiel
  • Presentation of the Buddy Programme and making contact with buddies
  • Presentation od the International Club
  • Virtual campus tour
  • German language crash course - How to get started in Germany
  • Intercultural training - know-how about the higher education system in Germany
  • Playing some virtual games together
  • Get-together celebration in presence on campus in April or October


More information about the BaMaPLUS programme:

  • Duration: one week from Monday through Friday
  • Costs: none
  • Start and end:
    • Summer semester 2024:  4th March 2024 - 8th March 2024
    • Winter semester 2024/2025:to be announced
  • Registration by email to with the following information: 
    • Your first name and surname
    • Your application number
    • Your field of study
    • Your start date of studies
    • Aimed degree (Bachelor or Master)
  • Capacity per semester: 16 students


Why should I choose or register for the BaMaPLUS programme?

The virtual orientation programme BaMaPLUS at Kiel UAS offers you many advantages:

  • It gives you important general information that can help you with your everyday life at the beginning of your stay.
  • You will get to know the entire semester programme at Kiel UAS better.
  • You will gain initial insights into the university system in Germany.
  • The German course will help you get to grips with everyday life in Kiel.
  • You can make friends and build up a network before you start your degree programme at Kiel UAS.
  • Thanks to the network of friends and the buddy programme, you will not be alone after your arrival in Kiel.

Who can take part in the BaMaPLUS orientation programme?

The BaMaPLUS orientation programme is concepted for all international first-year students who have completed their school or Bachelor's degree abroad and have been admitted to a Bachelor's or Master's degree programme at Kiel University of Applied Sciences.

For which degree programmes is the BaMaPLUS programme suitable?

The BaMaPLUS orientation programme is a series of different events that take place virtually and contain/offer general information for all international students.
This means that you are welcome to register for and take part in the programme regardless of your degree course.

How will be participants selected for the BaMaPLUS programme?

Due to our limited capacity in this programme (16 students per semester), places for participation are allocated by our lottery procedure. This allows us to give all students the same chance to get a place on the BaMaPLUS orientation programme.

I have registered for the BaMaPLUS. What is the next step?

A few days after your application, you will receive the first information about the process and confirmation of your application from the International Office.

I have already registered. When will I be told whether I can take part in the programme?

After the end of the registration period, our lottery procedure will take place. As soon as we have finished the lottery procedure, all students will be informed by email whether they have been allocated a place on the BaMaPLUS programme. Please check your email inbox regularly.

I have already been admitted to my degree programme at Kiel UAS. How can I register for BaMaPLUS?

Congratulations on your admission at Kiel UAS!

You are welcome to send us an email at We need the following information for a successfull registration:

  • Your first and last name
  • Your application number
  • Your field of study
  • Your start date
  • Aimed degree (Bachelor or Master)

I have already applied but have not yet been admitted. Can I still register for BaMaPLUS?

You are welcome to register for BaMaPLUS if you have applied and admission is still pending. This way we can secure you a place on the programme. If you do not receive admission from FH Kiel, you will automatically be removed from our registration list.

I will not have a visa by the start of the semester. Can I still take part in the BaMaPLUS programme?

Of course! We offer the BaMaPLUS orientation programme entirely in virtual format, as many international students unfortunately do not receive their visa in time and will not be able to take part in the programme in person.
You will receive detailed information about the structure of the programme by email after your registration.

What level of German do I need to be able to participate in the BaMaPLUS programme?

The intensive German course (How to get started in Germany) of the BaMaPLUS orientation programme has been designed so that all participants can take advantage of it. This course does not teach traditional German language courses according to the CEFR level system, but instead teaches a wide variety of everyday situations from life in Germany. Accordingly, you can even take part without any knowledge of German.

Good to know: there will be no placement test.

What does participation in the BaMaPLUS programme cost?

Participation is free of charge for you. However, it is necessary to register in good time. We have a limited capacity of 16 students.

Is attendance compulsory?

Yes, in order to give you a good and successful start to your studies and student life in Kiel, attendance is compulsory. 
In addition, due to the limited capacity, it is only fair if you take up the place.

I unfortunately missed the programme (applied too late/was not offered a place). What should I do?

The International Office offers regularly virtual info sessions (After Admission: What should I know) for international students. Alternatively, you can register for these. If you have any questions, please contact us:

I still have some questions. Whom can I contact?

If you have any further questions, please contact us:

Phone: +49 431 210-1800

Email: incoming(at)