International Office

Bienvenido! Bienvenue! Tere tulemast! Välkommen! Velkommen! Welcome! Willkommen! Witamy!

The International Office, part of the university’s central administration, is the first point of contact both for students and researchers coming to Germany from abroad and for German students and lecturers planning to spend time abroad. The International Office advises international students and assists German students in all matters concerning universities abroad, especially our partner universities around the world.

The institution maintains cooperation agreements with a large number of European and other universities worldwide. These agreements make a variety of exchange programmes available to students and teaching staff of both institutions.

Consultation hours

Tuesdays, 9:00 - 12:00

Thursdays, 14:00 - 17:00


Portrait of Nadine Hackmann© A. Diekötter

Nadine Hackmann


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Katharina Schüssler

International Student Advisor – Exchange Students

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Renate Hahn

Outgoing students

Portrait of Katrin Jaekel© A. Diekoetter

Katrin Jaekel

Finances and staff mobility

Portrait of Rieke Schulz© J. Brunn

Rieke Schulz

Coordinator Outgoing Students

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Soroor Saki

International Student Advisor – Degree Seeking Students