Around the Start of your Studies

From 01.11.23, the Student Administration section was transferred to the Casy Campus Management System. Detailed information about the changes is summarised on the page "Changes of the Study Services from 01.11.2023 (internal area)".

BAföG [Grants System]

Information on BAfÖG can be found here:

Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein
Westring 385
24118 Kiel
Tel.: 0431 8816-400

Chip Card (Student ID)

After enrolling in their studies (matriculation), all students at Kiel University of Applied Sciences receive a chip card that serves, among other things, as a student ID card, a library card and a cash card for the cafeteria. Further information can be found on the Student Secretariat website.

The Personal Email Address

As a student at Kiel University of Applied Sciences, you receive your own email address for the duration of your studies. This is composed as follows: You receive important information from the university, your department and other personal messages and should access this information regularly in your own interest. Documentation on the Use of Email Accounts is available on the Campus IT website.

BaMaPLUS - The Orientation Programme for International Students

Have you already been admitted and will soon be able to start your dream degree programme at Kiel University of Applied Sciences?

A new start in a new country is very exciting and thrilling, but also brings with it many challenges. In order to provide the best possible support for our international students who are coming to Germany to study, we are offering the virtual orientation programme BaMaPLUS (Bachelor-Master-Plus) from summer semester 2024.

First-Semester Student Informations

Kiel University of Applied Sciences warmly welcomes you as new students! Information about the process, programmes and schedule can be found in the first semester information for your department:

IT Systems and Access Data

As a student at Kiel University of Applied Sciences, you have a variety of options to use the university's IT systems. By enrolling, you have agreed to the associated terms of use. You will receive the access data by post after your enrollment. It is therefore imperative that you provide your correct postal address. Please note that the access data will only be sent once by post when you start your studies. With these access data you have the opportunity to access this letter digitally in Casy.

The access data are e.g. necessary for the following services:

  • workplaces in seminar and laboratory facilities
  • cloud services (also accessible remotely)
  • email,
  • WLAN
  • Software products
  • Casy (changes of contact data, online applications, printing of study certificates etc.)
  • QIS self-service functions (registration of tests, examinations, performance overviews etc.)
  • Moodle (e-learning platform of the UAS Kiel).

You can find out more about the entire scope of use on the Campus IT website.

Schleswig-Holstein Public Transport Ticket

Information on the S-H public transport ticket can be found at the AStA of the UAS Kiel.

Student Number

After enrolling, every student receives a personal student number for unique identification within the university. Information on this unique feature can be found on the Student Secretariat website.

Maternity Leave

Are you pregnant or breastfeeding your child? Then, we recommend you report this to the dean's office of your faculty. Further information on maternity/paternity leave for students can be obtained from the Family Services Office, which will be happy to advise you personally.

Changes in Your Personal Data

According to the Kiel University of Applied Sciences' enrolment regulations, you are obliged to report any changes, such as a change in name or address, immediately. You can do this online in the “Casy” study service. Please upload any required evidence, such as a marriage certificate, with the relevant applications.

Notification of a change in health insurance will be communicated digitally to the Student Secretariat through your new health insurance policy.

Re-registration (follow-up enrolment)

Students who wish to continue their studies at Kiel University of Applied Sciences in the following semester must re-register (re-enrol) within the set deadline by paying the semester fee.

Failure to re-register on time or not at all will result in de-registration (exmatriculation).

Once you have re-registered, your chip card/student ID card can be updated at the terminals. Students are required to do this by the beginning of the next semester at the latest. If the chip card cannot be updated despite feedback, the following services can help:

  • the Student Information Service, Sokratesplatz 3 (Building 18) or
  • the Student Secretariat of the Faculty of Agriculture.

More detailed information on re-enrolling (deadlines) and the fees (current semester fee, bank details, etc.) can be found on the webpages of the Student Secretariat and in "Casy".

Please inform yourself about possible changes regarding the respective re-enrolment periods!

Printing Study Certificates

The Kiel University of Applied Sciences allows its students to conveniently print any number of study certificates for each semester using “ Casy ”. To do this, you need the access data for the IT systems at Kiel University of Applied Sciences. Instructions can be found here:

The recipient of the printed certificate can verify its authenticity online.

Study and Family

The Family Services Office of the UAS Kiel will be happy to support you in reconciling your studies and family responsibilities (care tasks). 

Insurance Coverage

Information on Insurance Cover during your studies ( health insurance, accident insurance, liability insurance) can be found on the pages of the Student Secretariat.