Dual-study programms

Kiel University of Applied Sciences offers various possibilities to prospective students that combine a study course with professional practice. The individual concepts are designed to meet the main focuses of the study courses and the requirements of the desired work field.

Work-study programmes

For all study courses at the Faculties ofComputer Science & Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, MediaBusiness Management and the Institute for Civil Engineering at the Faculty of Media, it is possible to combine theoretical knowledge and professional practice through the combined study courses. Future engineers gain current expertise in the study term which they then apply in the company during their lecture-free periods.

Extra-occupational studies

The Faculty of Media offers the possibility for employers to complement their knowledge with the extra-occupational master’s degrees “Journalism and Media Business” and “Public Relations”. The conception is application oriented and combines E-Learning, study periods at the company and three weekend-attendance phases per semester (Blended Learning). These characteristics make it possible to combine both - study and work.

Dual Study Programme

The Faculty of Social Work and Health has provided a dual bachelor’s degree called “Physiotherapy” since 2001. It is one of the first study courses for physiotherapists in Germany. The study extends the fundamental skills acquired in the apprenticeship (related to the training and examination regulations for physiotherapists) with scientific knowledge.