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Lecturer for specific matters

Sokratesplatz 2
Room: C03-7.02

Deputy Officer for Equal Opportunities

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Social Work with focus on Gender Competences and Diversity

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The pre-registration procedure for students with families


Based on the equality plan of the Faculty of Social Work and Health and as a family-friendly university we support our students in balancing family responsibilities and study-related requirements.

Students with parenting or nursing responsibilities can apply for a family-related pre-registration for a maximum of three courses with limits on attendance per semester until the 09.08.22 for the summer semester.

Also consider the updated application form.

Please send the application to:

Fachhochschule Kiel
Fachbereich Soziale Arbeit und Gesundheit
Sokratesplatz 2
24149 Kiel


  • If you need a detailed description of the registration procedure, please click HERE
  • HERE you can find notes on the course selection for students of the first semester BASA
  • Erstsemester Studierende BAEB (Grundform) finden Hinweise zur Kursauswahl HIER
  • Erstsemester Studierende BAEB (Aufbauform) finden Hinweise zur Kursauswahl HIER
  • Ansprechpartnerin für weitere Fragen zur Vorabanmeldung ist Ayleen Balensiefer (


Note: In order not to increase the administrative work involved in processing advance registrations, we ask you to fill in the applications completely and comprehensibly. Incomplete course information (e.g. no course number, no group number, etc.) or applications that do not contain the FH email address (which must have been activated by students in the 1st semester before the application is sent) will no longer be considered with immediate effect. We ask for your understanding.


FAQ: about the family-related pre-registration

Can I apply for all courses with the pre-registration? Or are there any restrictions, e.g., for weekend courses?

You can apply for three courses with limits on attendance. You are free to choose which ones. It must be a course from your semester of study; you are not allowed to choose a course from advanced semesters. Further, it must be a course with online enrolment.

Where can I submit the completed application?

The application must be submitted to the Equal Opportunities Officer at the Faculty of Social Work and Health (Sokratesplatz 2, 24149 Kiel) by 09.08.22. It is possible to submit the application in person or just put it into the pigeonhole of the EQ Office (Building C03, Room 4.20) or send it by post. Please ensure you send the application in time; the date of receipt must be earlier than the expiration date. The application cannot be submitted via email.

Will I receive a confirmation of the receipt of the application and the successful course registration?

Due to the high amount of administrative effort, we cannot provide a confirmation of the receipt of applications and kindly ask you to refrain from enquiries. The application is a binding (pre-)registration for courses. After the successful registration by the administration office, students receive a confirmation after the end of the first regular registration period.

What happens with my application after I have submitted it?

The EQ Officer of the faculty examines the applications. If your application can be approved, we activate the courses for which you have applied. There is no need for the students to confirm the family-related pre-application in the system.

If I cannot attend a course, do I have to deregister? How can I do that?

You can only deregister during the active registration period.

Will the lectures know whether I have applied for the course via this procedure?

No, the lecturers only receive the final list of participants.

I have further questions about the application form. Who can I contact?

If you have questions concerning the registration, please contact the EQ Officer of the Faculty of Social Work and Health.

Note: Due to the high amount of administrative effort for the faculty, we kindly ask you to apply only if you rely on the pre-registration and actually plan to attend courses.


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