Public Relations (Master)

The part-time master’s degree in Public Relations is accredited and has been offered since the winter semester 2016/17.


Data and facts


Master of Arts (M.A.)

Study type

Part-time study with lectures online and in attendance

Regular study period

6 semesters

Credit points (ECTS)


Study places

approx. 20 per year

Examination language


Admission restirctions

no, for admission requirements see examination regulations

Study start

winter semester and summer semester

Study abroad possible


Study focus

Employees in the PR sector receive a master’s degree with 120 ECTS in the study field “Public Relations” from a state university, parallel to their employment in a company.

This is enabled through a curriculum that sets its focus on distance learning with an attendance weekend every semester (Blended Learning). Additionally, the daily work in the company is embedded in the structure of the curriculum as practical parts. An optimal study ability parallel to professional employment is guaranteed and the best possible combination of theory and practice of PR work is accomplished during the study.

The programme is for employees in companies, agencies and other organisations that work in communication management or similar management functions. The interdisciplinary, practice-oriented master’s degree is designed in a way that reveals the tasks of the professional field of PR in a scientific way, enables specialisations and prepares for the acquisition of management tasks.

Graduates of the master’s degree “Public Relations” are qualified, critical and creative communicators who have a sound expertise, general social and communicative competencies and wide experience in a professional working environment. They are qualified to take on key and management positions in the communication management of national and international companies and organisations. It particularly applies to the background of a digital, connected and multi-optional media culture that continuously sets new and complex demands for employees in the sector of public relations.

To ensure these aspects, the master’s degree “Public Relations” expands the knowledge, understanding and skills of students in the field of organisational communication and the adjacent fields of knowledge and work. Additional to the knowledge of important communication science developments, media theory and its application, students learn about the necessity to question and reflect on their own public relations work against the background of ethical principles. 

The study degree in Public Relations offers:

  • proven study concept without impairment of professional life
  • excellently high examination success rate through the Kiel Model
  • better career chances through further qualification
  • usage of synergetic effects between job and study
  • easily manageable learning units
    close supervision via reachable professors and lecturers
  • teaching of soft skills such as communication and conflict abilities, presentation and rhetorical skills, management and team capacities
  • involvement in the alumni network that consists of PR experts, journalists and media experts. 

Admission requirements

Information about the admission requirements and the application procedure are available on the following webpage:

PR-Master's Admission Restrictions.

Further educational study degrees are fee-based. For further information about study contents and study fees, please contact the study degree coordinator:


Further Information about the employment part-timeaccompanying master ‘s degree in Public Relations