Music from the Stars

Viola Schnittger and Sergey Rotach invite you to a wonderful voyage through music, poetry and the stars. Following the success of “Dem Himmel so nah”, they have been working on a new programme that ensures an emotional concert experience combining classic songs with pop ballads and musical songs. Listen to their songs under a starry sky, during sunset, in metropolitan cities, in nature and in combination with beautiful illustrations. The MediaDome premises form the backdrop to a unique 3D audio-visual experience where real and virtual worlds emerge.

In 2001, Viola Schnittger graduated as an actress and singer in Hamburg and besides theatre, lyrical lectures, and readings also performs in front of the camera (Studio HH productions, ZDF). She works as a freelance singer and actress and lecturer at Germany’s largest drama school for children and teenagers.

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Sergey Rotach graduated at the Music Conservatory in St. Petersburg as an opera singer and conductor. He sang for several years at the opera house and received awards in various singing contests. In 2001, he came to Kiel and has been a consistent part of the opera choir ever since.

Both have been working together since 2010 and jointly offer concerts on a regular basis. Their varied programme consists of classic and musical songs and pop ballads. With their concert series, they take the audience on a musical journey. Their songs contain little stories which transport you into a world full of emotions.

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No online reservation possible! Tickets only with invoice and mailing or remaining tickets at the box office.

Entrance: 18 euros (with discount 14 euros)

Duration: 90 minutes

FILM CLASSIFICATION not disclosed, recommended for ages 12 and older


*Only the classic discounts for unemployed, trainees, families from 4 pesons (min. 2 children), Friends of the Computer Museum, volunteers, refugees,, students, severely disabled, seniors over 65 years, students apply.
Special discount offers and voucher books cannot be redeemed for this event.