and the Signs of the Times

The popular dragon, first-time as a 360-degree experience, narrated by Gregor Rottschalk, animated by Helme Heine and with the unique music of Peter Maffay.

It starts with a clatter: little green dragon TABALUGA’s alarm clock wakes him up every morning, falls over and does not move. Of course, TABALUGA assumes that time has stood still! And all at once, the dragon and the audience find themselves right in the middle of an adventure. TABALUGA is looking for the essence of time. He encounters an ancient rock and a mayfly, a mysterious foreigner and further curious appearances. He also meets his old archenemy Arktos and his great love Lilli.

Is it possible to buy time? To kill time? To reconstruct it from the past, make it visible or even completely stop it? Our little green hero moves amazed through a world which reveals itself in various ways but still manages to be puzzling in every corner.  

For 31 years now, Peter Maffay has dictated the rhythm of the journey into time. He is, besides Rolf Zuckowski, Gregor Rottschalk and Helme Heine, the spiritual father of the little dragon. With 16 number one albums, the German rock musician is now the most successful musician in the German Charts.

The TABALUGA AND THE SIGNS OF THE TIMES live tour was awarded with the German music award ECHO for the most successful live tour. It was animated and produced completely new according to the 360-degree surround format of the MediaDome and the 3D sound format “Spatial Sound Wave”. Produced by the content dome GmbH, implemented by FrogFish Studios UG.

Would you rather participate in the afternoon or in the evening? You may experience a more intense sound at the 9 p.m. shows.

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Entrance: 11 euros (with discount, 9 euros)

Duration: 60 minutes

FILM CLASSIFICATION 0, recommended for ages 8 and older