University Council

Prof. Dr. Thomas Pawlik
University of Applied Sciences Bremen

Dr. Glenny Holdhof
Managing Director
Eduard Redlien GmbH & Co. KG

Jörg Orlemann
Kiel Chamber of Industry and Commerce

Simone Menne
Supervisory board member and non-executive director at several companies

Lydia Bahn
Managing Director, co-founder and shareholder at assano GmbH

Tasks of the University Council

(Paragraph 19 of the Higher Education Act)

The University Council consists of external representatives from science, economy and society. This committee is authorised to assist and supervise tasks in university management and structural development.

In particular, these tasks can be determined according to Para. 19 (Higher Education Act):

  1. Decisions regarding appeals to the court by the chancellor (Para. 25 Section 1, No. 5)
  2. Statement on the drafting of the constitution (Para. 7)
  3. Agreement with the senate concerning quality assurance statutes (Para. 5, Section 3)
  4. Recommendations on developing the university’s profile, the focus of research and teaching, and structure of teaching
  5. Statement on the budget plan
  6. Agreement with the senate on structure and development planning
  7. Agreement with the senate regarding the distribution of financial, material and human resources including the corresponding statutes, in particular the regulations on the remuneration of professors and members of the presidium except the president him or herself
  8. Statement on establishing study courses,
  9. Consultation of the Presidium’s reports especially concerning quality assurance measures
  10. Statement before concluding target and performance agreements