MUTW Objectives

Main Objectives of the MUTW Program

The MUTW is a joint student mobility project with 11 European Universities within the Erasmus Lifelong Learning Program directed at Computer Science Students in their final year of studies.

Rationale and Background

Final-year students (two from each of the partner institutions) are co-operating in an international team on a common software-oriented R&D project. The project will be desgined in a modular way, each team member will be assigned a given module. The workload will be defined to meet the ECTS credit requirement of each student. Two face-to-face meetings (in different countries) involving all partners will take place during the development phase. Once the planned product has been developed, the whole multinational team gathers to present and evaluate the final product.

MUTW will be offered during the summer semester 2010. Travel and subsistence will be covered by the MUTW consortium.

Aims and Objectives

The IP "Embedded and Ambient Intelligence" is directed to final year bachelor degree students and to master degree students. It will enhance the education of undergraduate students and introduce new research areas and stimulate research ideas and projects to students that are interested in graduate studies and research.

At Kiel University of Applied Sciences (organizing institution) the relevant subjects of this IP have been part of ongoing teaching and research activities.
The IP will use the expertise in specific domains available at the participating institutions. Furthermore, the project aims to make the knowledge available to less experienced partner institutions in the relevant areas and to allow them to build up similar experience for future in the benefit of their students.

Target Groups

The MUTW project will be offered for final-year ndergraduate (bachelor) students studying in related areas (computer science, information technology, internet science and technology).