Englisch:Dr. Fiona Bubbers, Vera Draack, Elena Willson & Steve Walsh

Welcome to the English Department!

We offer a variety of different classes – Business and general English - at different levels (starting at B1/B2) which are organised around preparing students for the English skills they will need for their studies, semesters abroad, internships, employment and the  Cambridge ESOL exams (FCE, CAE and CPE) . Some of the classes are scheduled by your faculty; these appear on your timetable and are held in rooms in your faculty. Other classes are inter-faculty; these are held most days, usually in the afternoon in ZSIK.

Courses are usually made up of TWO semesters (part 1 and part 2). You may be able to obtain credit points for each part only (i) if you attend class regularly and (ii) if you pass the exam at the end of each semester. The accreditation of credit points is organised by your faculty.


Before starting out on any of these courses you will be required to sit a placement test (Einstufungstest). You will need to pass this in order to gain access to any and all of the courses.

nach Vereinbarung ( Sokratesplatz 4, Gebäude C 19)

E-Mail: Fiona.Bubbers(at)fh-kiel.de

E-Mail: Stephen.Walsh(at)fh-kiel.de

E-Mail: Vera.Draack(at)fh-kiel.de

E-Mail: Elena.Willson(at)fh-kiel.de



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Zum DAAD-Sprachtest gibt es die folgenden Informationen:

DAAD Language Certificate -English

The DAAD Language Certificate test is for students who need to demonstrate their level of English language ability for: studying (abroad or in Germany); internship, project and job applications; applying for funding – from the DAAD, PROMOS, other sponsorships (where there is a language level requirement).

This test is offered four times per year: in each IdW session, and on the same day as the English Exams offered at the beginning of each semester. When dates and locations are known, they will be posted on the ZSIK website under ‘Aktuelles’.

The test is based on the IELTS language test: general reading, general writing and speaking. The speaking test will take place either on the same day as the written tests, or by arrangement. Papers will be marked after the test date and forms completed thereafter to be collected from the ZSIK Secretaries Office.

Participating students will need to bring the DAAD Language Certificate form with all appropriate details completed to the test session. Please use this link to download the form.

This is NOT a placement test, and will not be accepted by ZSIK as such.

This is NOT a replacement for an (English) exam, and Faculty examinations offices have been informed not to accept it as such.

This is NOT a possibility for students to simply see how good their English is.

Participants are advised to become familiar with the style and format of the IELTS test beforehand. This link will help

Please remember to look at the Academic Reading and Academic Writing tests, NOT the General versions.