Data Protection Officer

The UAS Kiel provides a data protection officer according to Art. 37, Sect. 1 a) of the data protection law (DSGVO). The data protection officer has to be integrated proper and premature in all belongings that include person-related data. She acts free from directives.

In accordance with Art. 39, Sect. 1 of the data protection law (DSGVO), the following main tasks belong in this area:

  • Providing information and consultancy for the representative and his employees regarding current data protection regulations under the terms of the data protection law (DSGVO) and further national and EU-wide regulations as well as supervision and compliance with its conditions
  • Advice – on request – on the data protection impact assessment and its monitoring based on Art. 35 DSGVO and consultation of the supervisory authority according to Art. 36 DSGVO if necessary
  • Cooperation with the supervisory authority and contact person for requests

UAS Kiel employees may contact the data protection officer directly at any time in case of data protection matters.



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