Floor plan and technical facts

The gallery has 125 sqm of floor space and consists of three rooms in total:
There are two 55 sqm exhibition rooms, one facing north and one south, and a windowless room of 16 sqm which is located in the middle of the building.

The large rooms are accessed via the eastern staircase, which is equipped with a lift. The western staircase serves as an emergency escape route. The gallery rooms are constantly video-monitored.



The gallery rooms are equipped with special exhibition light lines. Six LTS-HIT spotlights, 20 LTS Spot spotlights and 15 LTS-MX 300 spotlights (eight of them dimmable) are available for the lighting. 


In the small room one beamer and one screen are permanently installed. If further projectors are needed they can be set up flexibly in all rooms. 


Each room has a 5.1 Dolby surround sound system.

The hanging inself takes place on the walls with metal bars which are installed under the ceiling. 
For 50 pictures S-hooks, steel cables and picture hooks (each twice) are available. 

The bunkers rooms are maintained to a great extend in its original state and may neither be painted nor pasted.
Only to a very limited extent new fixing dowels and nails can be used.