What is Raceyard?

Raceyard is an interdisciplinary project at the Kiel University of Applied Sciences that develops and builds a fully functional race/racing car for the international engineering competition “Formula Student”. Raceyard participates in Formula Student events every year on tracks such as Silverstone, Hockenheim or Barcelona.

The project was started in 2005 and every year since then the project has been carried out by students from the Universities in Kiel.

The goal of Raceyard is the construction, manufacture and marketing of a fully electric Formula Student race/racing car and the constant improvement of it. This results in many different tasks, which means that there is space for students with many different interests in their studies and their free time:

The Different Raceyard Departments


The Mechanics department is the biggest one at Raceyard. Parts of this department are the areas of suspension, chassis, aerodynamics and drivetrain. Their tasks are to develop the body of the car, install the electric engines, increase the car’s drivability and of course set up the car and go for test drives. Many different tasks and a lot of variety are a key part of this department.


The Electronics department is involved with every electronic part of the car. This involves the manufacturing of a battery pack, constructing our electrical circuits and the development of the software that checks and controls our electrical components while driving.

PR & Marketing

In the PR & Marketing department everything revolves around the public image of Raceyard. This not only includes the management of all communication channels (Social Media, Website, Print etc.) but also the organisation of events such as “Rollout”, an annual event at which we present our newest race/racing car. But in addition to public communication, internal communication for example with university staff and professors and also potential new team members is part of the PR department’s responsibilities.

Sponsoring & Finances

Due to the fact that the race/racing car is financed exclusively through various sponsors, our Sponsoring & Finances department is an important part of our team. Its main tasks are the acquisition of new sponsors, communication with current sponsors and the administration of our finances.

Together with the Marketing department the members of the sponsoring department work on the Business Plan, which is pitched to investors during the Formula Student events.


The Benefits of Being in Raceyard

Being part of the project allows students to translate the things they learn in their university courses into real-life practice. These practical experiences can give students a huge advantage in their later jobs, not even including the positive effect it has on any CV.

Also, you will be able to earn 3 ECTS-points for every semester that you’re an active part of our team.

In addition there’s the feeling of community in our team of roughly 50 people, which will allow you to get in touch with many other students and exchange thoughts and experiences, even with students of totally different faculties. And there will be regular team events, where you’ll be able to spend time together with the team outside of the work you do for the project.

Do you want to be a part of Raceyard?

As you can see, Raceyard not only consists of technical areas, which means that students from all sorts of studies are welcome at Raceyard. Regardless of experience and what you study, every team member has the opportunity to have/take an active role in our project.

If you want to be a part of the project and our ambitious Raceyard team, then contact us through our application form.

We’re excited to meet you!


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