Migration and Education

Opportunities for students with a migration background to start a degree course 

The concept of the “Migration and Education” mentoring programme

Several research results regarding the educational path of younger people with a migration background prove that only a small number decides to attend a university after finishing school. Even among those who have obtained university entrance qualification, only a small percentage go on to actually study at a German university. The number of students with a migration background who do not finish their studies is comparatively high, which is alarming. There are various causes for this lack of integration into the university system.

With the “Migration and Education” programme, the Kiel University of Applied Sciences tries to counter this negative impression and aims to pave the way for school graduates with a migration background to start a study course at a university. The central idea is to improve the information provided and intensify communication with regional schools. We organise counselling sessions at fairs, cultural associations and in schools in cooperation with the study guidance service. But the main focus lies on advice being given to school pupils by students with a migration background of the UAS Kiel. These mentors are prepared within the scope of seminars where they mainly acquire intercultural competencies.

The following issues are presented in one-to-one or group conversations:

  • advice on study opportunities at the UAS Kiel and other universities
  • variety of university entrance qualifications and possibilities
  • options to finance a degree course
  • special mentoring during the degree course including language support
  • career perspectives after finishing a degree course.

In addition to these counselling appointments, we provide the opportunity to visit the UAS Kiel and attend selected seminars.

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us:

  • Anna-Maria Utzolino, FH Kiel, Sokratesplatz 3, 24149 Kiel; phone +49 431-210-1762, migration.bildung(at)fh-kiel.de