Deadlines and dates

Deadlines and dates

Are there application deadlines?

Yes. For study courses with restricted admission: applications for the summer semester from the beginning of November until 15 January of the following year. Applications for the winter semester: from May until 15 July of the year. This is a legal limitation period. This means, approval applications and application documents that arrive at the admission office of UAS Kiel after 15 January or 15 July will not be considered. Valid is the receipt date at UAS Kiel!

The deadline for study courses with open admission will be announced in time at our homepage. You can see the exact application deadlines in our course offerings.

Until when can I hand in my documents?

The submission of missing documents is only possible during the legal application period (15.01. for the summer semester and 15.07. for the winter semester). Valid is the receipt date at the UAS Kiel.

When will I know whether I have received a university place?

The first letters of admission (main proceedings) will usually be sent out 2 or 3 weeks after the application deadline (15.01 / 15.07). Due to the great number of applications, it might take a bit longer until the first letters of approval are sent out. For this reason, we ask you to not call our employees and ask about your application status during that period. You will be notified by email about letters of admission - E-mail notification must be activated. On the grounds of data protection, no information is given for third parties. You can check your application status online at any time after processing.

When does enrolment take place?

Enrolment for restricted study courses in the summer semester usually takes place in the end of February. The enrolment for the winter semester takes place in the end of August. Exact dates are communicated in the letter of admission.

When will you send notice of rejection?

Notice of rejection for the winter semester will normally be sent mid-August. For the summer semester, notice of rejection will be sent mid-February.

At which time do succession procedures take place?

Succession procedures take place after enrolment if study places are still available. Participation happens automatically for those who have not yet received a study place, corresponding to their position in the ranking. 

When does the lottery take place?

Lotteries only take place if several study places are still available at the end of the enrolment procedure and rejected applicants have confirmed their participation in a possible lottery procedure in written form. In this case, letters of admission will be sent short-dated.

When does the semester start?

The summer semester begins 1March and ends 31 August of the year. The winter semester begins 1 September and ends 28 or 29 February of the year. You can see more semester dates here.