Studying at Kiel University of Applied Sciences

Why study at Kiel UAS?

Innovative Projects

Numerous project groups provide the opportunity to gain practical experience. The offers range from campus radio and TV to the largest job fair in the north organised by students for students, the company contact day, the FH Formula Student Team Raceyard, the Förderacer water bike team, and the Baltic Thunder racing team with its headwind vehicle.

Interdisciplinary Work

Collaboration between people from different disciplines is becoming increasingly important in order to achieve targets in the world of work. Our students can practice this and gain relevant experience every semester during the Interdisciplinary Weeks (IDW). In lectures, workshops, excursions, projects and courses, team and communication skills are sharpened, interdisciplinary thinking, and individual creativity and flexibility are encouraged.

International Exchange

International experience is required. It shows that you have not only worked on your language skills, but have also demonstrated independence and organisational skills. The Kiel University of Applied Sciences cooperates with around 100 universities worldwide, which enable a semester abroad, summer and winter schools or even a double degree. In preparation for this, the Centre for Languages and Intercultural Competence offers modules at different levels in twelve different languages.

No tuition fees

No tuition fees are charged for studying at Kiel University of Applied Sciences.

Only a contribution for the student union, student body and the state-wide semester ticket must be paid per semester.

What our students say

On our YouTube channel, our students tell us what they like about studying at Kiel UAS.

What can I study at the Kiel UAS?

The Kiel UAS offers more than 40 bachelor’s and master’s degrees, industry-accompanied (combined work/study) courses and further education qualifications. A doctoral degree is also possible.

Our interest test helps you find the right degree programme for you.

Who is able to study?

For a study at the Kiel UAS, interested parties need one of the following qualifications:

  • a general university entrance qualification (Abitur),
  • subject-related higher education (e.g. assessment test)
  • general, advanced (technical) education certificate
  • subject-related advanced (technical) certificate
  • professional university entrance qualification (e.g. master craftsperson’s diploma)
  • university aptitude test

Anyone who does not have a general higher education entrance qualification or a technical college entrance qualification may have the opportunity to get to know the university through a trial study.

What types of study are available?

Kiel University of Applied Sciences offers students various options to complete their studies, depending on their life situation: full-time, part-time, industry-accompanied combined courses, extra-occupational and online studies.

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What type of advice is available?

The team at the Central Student Advisory Service will be happy to provide information about the courses on offer before you apply and will help those interested to find the right course of study in an individual consultation.

The University of Applied Sciences Info Days (FIT), which are organized once a semester, provide an initial overview of the extensive offerings at Kiel University of Applied Sciences.

In addition, the CSA offers special counselling services for students with chronic illnesses or disabilities or with refugee backgrounds.

What type of support can I receive?

Kiel University of Applied Sciences has made it its mission to enable people to develop and achieve their goals. The team at the Central Student Advisory Service not only helps with orientation before deciding to study at Kiel University of Applied Sciences, but also advises students on a wide variety of questions and problems during their studies.

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How do I start my studies?

If the application has been successful and the notification of admission for the desired course is available, new students enrol at the university within the specified period.

In the first few weeks on campus there are numerous offers for orientation and information: on the one hand organised by the faculties and student bodies, on the other hand interdepartmentally, for example through the fair of opportunities, at which facilities and services present various student projects and important external contact points and are available for questions.

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What is available on Campus?

On the FH Kiel campus in Dietrichsdorf, there are a number of ways to pass the time between events in a meaningful way and in good company. On the one hand there is the Bunker-D cultural centre, where students can get coffee, soft drinks and snacks, visit the current exhibition in the gallery belonging to the bunker or visit the cinema. On the other hand, there is the American Diner, where you can enjoy small dishes and drinks in an American atmosphere. Furthermore, the Max Planck Bistro has recently opened, which offers students pizza and various dishes at fair prices in a relaxed atmosphere. The Schwentine Mensa is also special, which is not only directly at the water but a former boat hall with a particularly maritime flair.

The campus at Osterrönfeld, almost 40 km west of Kiel, is right outside the gates of the district town of Rendsburg, which offers a wide range of amenities and leisure activities.