Numerus clausus

The numerus clausus or, better, the approval ranking is calculated anew for every approval procedure, regarding the present conditions of the applicants. 20% of the study places are awarded by the general average (Advanced Technical College Certificate or “Abitur”) and 20% of the study places according to the waiting period. The other 60% are distributed according to the “Hochschulauswahlquote (HSQ)“. This quota also uses the average grade as a selection criterion.

During the selection of study places according to the waiting period, the ranking is determined by the half-year periods that have passed since the acquisition of the university entrance qualification ('Abitur'). Periods where applicants were enrolled at other universities are not included in the waiting period. The waiting period begins with the Advanced Technical College Certificate when both parts, academic and practical, have been completed.

In the following outline of the basic admission-restricted study courses, you can see the last study applicant who was approved in the main admission procedure.

NC-values from summer semester 2019

Please consider that the NC-values are not always final. Sometimes there are reserve lists of applicants with a worse NC-value who still obtain a study place.